It's A Sign Of Disrespect To Take Meat First When Eating With Your Boyfriend, Husband - Nigerian Man Says

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It's A Sign Of Disrespect To Take Meat First When Eating With Your Boyfriend, Husband - Nigerian Man Says

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We are still in 1920 o

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u will start seeing mumus talking about culture and traditions wen it comes to subduction of women but these sets of people want to use exotic cars and luxurious things from the western world

1920 Ba, but the queen was buried in her tradition Abi? We lost ourselves in been others.

why do we always bring the queen into every single matter. What about our kings that sold us to them. Blacks sold fellow blacks out to oyinbo for MONEY.

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You are correct sha. Respect is recriprocal. na all this small small things na make some of us women dey size men !!!! God bless the sensible women if she feels it makes her sensible but this meat matter harsh sha

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00% correct because some women dey lose guard once u don dey give them this kind leg. Let them know this kind matter ✌️

Respect is earned. you can't treat people like trash and expect respect in return. As a human, being self-aware improves your self-esteem which in turn strengthens your fragile ego. So issues like this won't be seen as disrespect.

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😂😂😂 When I don finish all the meat even before we start eating 🍽

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Just tell him you're taking yours. As for me, it's alright if she takes; just don't take yours firstly & then turn back to mine after eating yours, na there everywhere go burst.

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That is only in Nigeria. Meat is not separated from food there is no specific time within the dining time when one part of the food should not be eaten.

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Please don’t insult Nigerians in Nigeria. We don’t think this way. We no know where this one come from.

AfricaLast activity 3 days ago

You need to go and stay in 1914😂 mumu man.. na only Nigerian people d talk about meat as big deal.. meat wher full everywhere for abroad who get time. You can boil another meat 🍖 if she like make even chop all .. Poverty mentality at the highest level

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