Is It Necessary To Use Agent For Visa Processing/procurement?

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Traveling abroad now seems to be at the top of to-do list of many Nigerians, and from the look of things, it is going to spike next year and beyond considering the gloomy situation of Nigeria's economy. This now brings to question, is it necessary to use the services of travel agents? Does agents improve the chances of one getting getting visa against DIY? When I'm talking about traveling abroad, I don't necessarily mean migration on a permanent basis but also traveling for tourism or temporary work that requires maybe weeks or up to 6 months to one year and return. To countries such as US, Canada, UK or others in Asia and Europe. Why I'm curious is because I have heard some school of thought saying: "why would you use agents when you can DIY?" "Agents are not reliable, they would even scam you!" Etc. For Nigerians that traveled abroad successfully, did you make use of agents or you did the process yourself? Asking for myself and hundreds of thousands of other Nigerians

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Nope. DIY. You have the Internet on your phone. Research and read reviews on internet visa threads of the country you intend to visit. Most of the so called agents aren't as knowledgeable as you may have thought.

It's only Mars or space I've not visited in this world and I never consulted or engaged any agent. I remember booking night browsing at cyber cafes in those days , looking for information about schooling and traveling abroad while others would be chatting on yahoo messenger and watching porn. Youths of nowadays are so lazy.

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I once fell into the hands of 419 visa agents introduced to me by my older bro. Those bastards swindled me of my hard-earned money because my bro trusted them and told me they are legit. He encouraged me to use them even though I was sceptical. I have always processed my traveling myself without using agents because 99 percent of them are fraudulent. That's how they disappeared with my huge savings angry

Osho and Kola anywhere you are, you will experience sorrows and suffering all the days of your life. Amen.


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Genuine ones yes.

Best way to travel is through school because it's very straightforward and with low hitches provided you carefully comply with each steps along the way.

Keep money for school fees sha and pile your account or do fake account piling (I can help) for them to believe that you have money and will not be a burden to them when you come over. These will have them believe that you are just there to study at your own expense.

Good luck to everyone on a mission to Japa out of this messed up country, its worth it.

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many nigerians use agents because they don't qualify for the visas. Agents help to arrange documents( real and fake). Sometimes it works, sometimes the people get caught and banned. Agents in nigeria are usually not registered and are quacks ( over 90% of them). They prey on peoples desperation, they have deceived many into going to dead end countries where you cant work or get papers. Many of them collect money and duped people.Agents to me need to be lynched. There are however some countries where you need them for work placements e.g arab countries. Since the agents are not registered you cant even disclose them on your application, they dont have any special quota in the embassy like many want to believe. DIY is the best way to go.

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Depending on the country you wanna enter. Most American and European country visas av specified processes on their country websites to follow just to be granted a visa.

Secondly, if ur going for study in an American or European country.... There r are many WhatsApp groups who drop scholarship and paid students visa processes. I am in one though I don't have need for that at this moment. Just follow up n get updates. I have seen many leave this country via those group updates n rest.

D last time I even checked. One was even testifying how he entered Portugal via study visa, got there paid school fees for one year and dropped out from d school when he got a job. He only spent 800k from Nigeria here on flight n some miscellaneous only to get there n paid school fees n processed visa but some persons who are novice in this would v paid agent up to 2million just to get there n find out the so called visa is even on arrival.

Let's learn to leave facebook n Instagram to concentrate on sites where we get more knowledge than showing off with an empty brain

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