Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Christian Lady?

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First, I already asked my pastor, who said it is a sin and hellfire bound—no forgiveness option. I do not believe him. I am still young, but I am just thinking about the future if I choose that route. So supposing an unmarried woman decides to inseminate herself because she is approaching menopause artificially. Then she gets pregnant. Is it a sin?? Note: Fornication is not involved. What would be the stand of the church on such issues?

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Why do we people have to rationalize everything through religious eyes before doing it? I mean, when you look at what you wrote, a single lady that's growing older now asks if it's a sin or not. Let her go for what she needs, and she should forget what people will say.

The pastor dishing out hell, fire, and heaven attributes; how are you sure he will make that heaven sef? She should do what she needs to do to have children that she'll call her own now that she's still fertile

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3 days ago

Well, humans are natural followers. We all look for something, someone to believe in. If not religion, then science. If not science, then cosmic imagination or mythology. The notion that we can do anything we like at any time is a theory that only a select few genuinely dare to explore, especially women, as they tend to second guess most of their decisions.

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The said Sister will have a lot of explanations to make as many will conclude she committed fornication. The Bible admonishes us to abstain from all appearances of evil. Pregnant fornicators would soon start claiming they had artificial insemination if such practices were allowed by the church.

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God defines sin in His Word, not by your church of men. And what scripture refers to as evil is that which God has declared sin, and not what your churches, your pastors, and MOGs think. 

As for Artificial insemination, there is no indication that it is a sin against God, either literally or inferred, since God never decreed that conception, as far as childbearing is concerned, must only take place via intercourse between a man and a woman.

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You are talking of the HYPOCRISY of the church here. Aka, they would look down on this female as if she was the dirtiest whore in town and completely forgot that their baba Jesus's mother was technically the same. They claim that God Artificially inseminated Mary without SEX.


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How can you need my cum and say you don't need me? Is my cum not part of my entity? Whether natural or artificial, cum is part of man so if you claim not to need man, stop needing his cum. As someone has already said, you need Peter Obi to create a Nigeria where you will be bold enough to do IVR without the permission of your church. You only answer to God because God created Man and woman and not church and religion. Now, bye, I have other topics to comment on.

Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Christian Lady?

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You folks and your church worship. Why do you care what your churches feel about your decisions? Why do you allow mere men - your pastors and mogs - to sit as gods over you, to the extent that you even consider their opinion where sin is concerned, rather than to God Himself - the one who defines sin? 


Spiritually and Biblically speaking, only men are commanded to get married. Women are not obliged. This is because a man needs a woman to be complete while a woman comes complete naturally.

You can read about Kim Kardashian’s Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy journey. Let's love to live in our truth and live happy. The day you free yourself from the bondage of church, that is the day you will truly be saved.

Is Artificial Insemination A Sin When Done By A Single Christian Lady?

Kim Kardashian’s IVF & Surrogacy journey - Infertility Aide

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It would be best if you were more concerned about what to tell these children when they come of age, who their Father is, Or how they came about.

Don't bother with all these churches that are nothing but a hypocrite, who only pretend to be holy before Man but do dirty things behind a closed door -Nor should you concern yourself with society and what they have to say concerning your decision. The only thing you should put into consideration is to ensure the donor is known for the sake of your child when they grow up.

Some so many bachelors might be open to something like. You don't trouble them with the children's bills and other wahala.

I advise this: look for an excellent, mature bachelor who does not want to settle down any time soon. Ensure you have enough financial means to cater to this baby should he not want to be involved financially or in the future. The most important thing here is that there is a face to the paternity of your child should he start asking about his Father in the future. Nobody wants to be born a bastard to feel they are a product of donor sperm. The child is what you should worry about, not some holier-than-thou pastors And church members.

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I would not bother about what I would tell my children if they were born through IVR. Humans are naturally progressive, and IVR is a product of our progressiveness.

This year is 2022, and by the time the children are adults or 21, it will be 2043. Can you imagine how the world would have changed? I heard a group of institutions is researching how to transmit human sperm DNA through the internet, just like how our voices are transmitted. 

The world will be a crazy place in the future. There will be a lot to worry about in the future. And what we consider a norm today will never be the norm forever. We now live in a changing era where everything is changing fast. Even Deeper Life is loosening up. Can you imagine?

I would bother about having children at all.

LOL. I like this. Issues like this will be a no issue in the future.

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The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is the Standard and guide for all who desire to please God here on Earth and make Heaven in Eternity.

Gen 1:27-28

So God created man in his image, in the image of God created him; male and female created him.

And God blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the Earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.

GOD Almighty is the Owner and originator of our lives, the Institutor of Procreation, the Institutor of Marriage, and the Institutor of Life. Whatever He proscribes for Humanity is the only acceptable way.

Whatever humans try to do outside GOD'S order is Ungodly, Unnatural, and an abomination. It does not matter how palatable your reason sounds.

GOD'S order for Copulation is between a man and woman. Husband and wife. Anything outside is evil.

If you do not desire to get married as a man or woman, you should not also choose to carry the benefits of marriage. No matter how the world, technology, and so on change, the world of GOD will not Change.

So let's quit trying to Innovate, advance, and modify Iniquity, debasement, and evil because everyone will stand before GOD to account for what is done in this body.

Getting inseminated because I don't want to get married is unnatural, abomination, and evil and is the same as homosexuality, Beastility, etc.

Let us Fear GOD ALMIGHTY and obey HIS word.

Proverb 3:7

Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

If you desire to make Heaven, you will seek to obey and please God and quit trying to be wise in your own eyes.

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Who is this writing nonsense? The OP is about a lady who is scared of getting older and if this is an option for her in the future. So you expect that she should wait and let her menopause come and snatch the only opportunity for her to have a child in life abi? YOU ARE A COW.

Why are so-called Nigerian Christians so daft to take a decision that will better their life, except they look at it through the lens of religion? Why do they think their lives should conform to the norms of the church?

Mr commenter, there are only two people in life that are interested in one's life. God and the individual. Every other person na wash. Let any lady that's interested in artificial insemination, if she has no other option, get it and feel the joy of motherhood, and shut that your trap called mouth spewing rubbish

Everything is sin, yet Nigeria is the world capital of sinners.

So who are the righteous ones, then? Don't blame the useless commenter. They are lost sheep. I blame poverty and poor quality of life. Else who will have time listening to them and their heaven versus hell stories?

Ladies, please don't listen to the fool up there. The same bible that said the woman was created out of man cannot be supported by nature or science. All men come through the woman.

The quote you made is not even related to artificial insemination. You were busy saying the bible is the word of God and a guide to all, yet no verses mentioned up there denounce insemination.

Just because you are not okay with it does not mean you use the bible to back up your claim. There was a time people were saying rapping and breaking dance in the church was a sin.

P. S

Today is world pharmacist day. Let's join hands and celebrate pharmacists' contributions to health care.

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The same Bible told us to be as wise as a Serpent. Remember, the Serpent is another name for Satan. Hence if Science is satanic, as you claim, then God expects you to know and believe in Science.

The truth is that God is the first Scientist in existence. He created the heavens and Earth. He told us to dominate over His creatures by also becoming creative - Genesis 1: 28.

That is the origin of Science. We now have Dominion over the Sea through Ships. We now have Dominion over the air through Aeroplanes and rockets. We have Dominion over our body through medicine.

Artificial insemination is an imitation of the Spiritual insemination of Mary by the Holy Spirit. It is not a sin if it is done with good motives. If you do not believe in menopause, then marry a 60 years old woman and wait for her to have a child.

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Man of little faith and understanding. Buy knowledge and do not sell it. Pray to God to help your confidence.

My people die spiritually for lack of knowledge. Because you reject knowledge, I will leave you - Hosea 4:6.

It was God that gave the Scientist who invented Artificial insemination such knowledge. Hence a man will be mocking God if he rejects a solution God has provided for his problem.

It is not an act of faith but foolishness. It is like a man refusing to send his kid to school, believing that God will make the child begin to read and write by faith.

Only when you have tried all available solutions to your problem within your means can you hold God by His Word and await His Divine intervention if the problem persists.

Let everyone hold on to what he has. Behold CHRIST Cometh to give every one according to the work of his hand. Over 2000 years we are still waiting for him to cometh. Follow Religion at your menace.

I left Christianity in 2018, and I've had a peaceful life since then, with no more overzealous pastors telling me how to live my life.

I believe in God, by the way. 

WomanLast activity 3 days ago

You will reach a particular stage in this life when you have to take a bold step and decide for yourself without caring about the church or what people say. It is your life, so no church can help you to live it. And I don't see anything wrong with that. And trust me, you will still need to have sex even with artificial insemination because you can't give birth as a virgin unless you want to go through C - a section

WomanLast activity 3 days ago

Religion will be the extinction of Africans. God gave a man a brain. Man uses the brain to create ways to solve human issues, and such is artificial insemination. This process will bring joy to the lady who has reached menopause and cause her to glorify and give testimony of this beautiful process.

But for black man, NOOOOO!!! MBA!!! They want MIRACLE TO HAPPEN. If it's not by DICK IN PUSSY then it's not a miracle o. everyone must wait for a chance to happen so that a TESTIMONY WILL BE GIVEN IN CHURCH.

Who do Africans do these things? Just because the developers of SCIENCE have gone astray does not mean God doesn't exist... ITS THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD that is transmitting through human vessels.... because HES WORD SAYS HEAVEN IS OPEN TO ALL

Having something that brings glory to GOD is in no way a sin.

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There are many religions in the World, no be only so-called Christianity, e be say Christianity and Islam see money use well to expand well well.

Technology is here to stay and forever. ThisNa who die don go. Some dey come.

And finally, whether single or double, any lady can decide to do whatever she wishes to do with herself—her life.

You say those who don't desire to marry should not choose the benefits of marriage. Abeg, who are you to decide what a fellow human should or should not desire?

Besides no be person marry last two years wey her husband died this year, shey e never become single parent be that for the little pikin wey Dem born ni?

You people just open mind talk anyhow. Una better close am go sleep if life tire una

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The Almighty God did the first insemination when Mary got pregnant without sexual intercourse. That can be described as Spiritual insemination.

Artificial insemination is an imitation of what God did with Mary. Is it a sin to imitate an act of God when a lonely woman without a husband is approaching her menopause? This is the reason the Bible advised Christians to seek Wisdom.

Childhood indoctrination is the reason why religion is still vital today. Remove that, and faith would have died centuries ago.

WomanLast activity 15 minutes ago

First, I am totally against all forms of homosexuality. It is a sin and abomination before God and Man.

However, on the issue of Artificial Insemination, there are arguments in its favor. Mary had Jesus through a process that we can describe as Spiritual insemination. That is a wisdom of God which He expects us to imitate.

Hence It is not a sin for a woman approaching her menopause who is not lucky to have a husband to have a baby through artificial insemination. That is applying wisdom to solve a problem following the Bible's teachings.

It is very similar to adopting a child. In adoption, you legally buy a seed that has already germinated, while in artificial insemination, you legally buy a raw seed and have it grow in your womb. So what is the difference? Since you are buying the origin of a man that is not your husband in both cases.?

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You cannot compare the pregnancy of the Immaculate Virgin Mary to artificial Insemination. Why? The seed of Mary's pregnancy was not the seed of a man. Artificial Insemination is using the root of a man to cause fertilization.

It is a sin if the seed is not of a woman's husband.

Adoption and Insemination are not similar. Have you just stated their difference? One is making a baby; the other is making a baby yours.

The only legal way to make a baby in God's sight is to get married; another is sin.

There is no argument here.

Note artificial Insemination is not a sin if the seed is from the husband.


one second ago

The only problem is that you have refused to be pragmatic in your approach to this issue. I did not say that your 'Immaculate Virgin' Mary had Artificial Insemination with the sperm of a man. She conceived through the Holy Spirit, similar to Artificial Insemination since the seed was not from her husband. So since Mary was of the human body, so the Holy Spirit would have Artificially Inseminated her with a SPERM!

You agreed with me that adoption is not a sin. When you adopt a child, are you not buying seeds from a man that is not your husband? Is that not the same ideology as Artificial Insemination?

Religion has made many of us rigid. Do you even know that God permits a man to have kids for his brother if he is dead or impotent? No Pastor will tell you these things, but you have to reach the point of maturity where you will not regard all compromise as sin. I forgot to select anonymous in my previous post.

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It is a SIN when you do it and votes TINUBU. Then it's terrible, but if you're doing it while voting for Peter Obi, it's good and not a sin because the child will have plenty to eat.

Not a sin, ma. So many things that are regarded as sin, both Christianity and Islam, are not sin. They are invented by religious leaders of "old and now" to keep people in mental slavery in other to control their body, soul, and spirit.

So many laws obeyed as of old, which is practically impossible in today's Leviticus, a particular man was killed just because he didn't ejaculate into a woman's vigina (today's withdrawal method of prevention). Is that still a sin today?

In the bible and Quran, lending money with interest was a big sin of old. Is it practicable today?

My sister, you re free to do artificial insemination and not break any law.

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They can adopt children.

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