I Was Stillborn, So My Parents Had To Throw Me Away — Actress Toyin Abraham.

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I Was Stillborn, So My Parents Had To Throw Me Away — Actress Toyin Abraham.

Nollywood actress and producer Toyin Abraham has opened up about her life and spiritual gifts.

She made the revelation in a chat with ThisDay.

She said: "I'm incredibly spiritual. Back then, one of the problems I had was that I didn't listen to myself. I would hear the voice of the Lord and see it in my dreams, but I would still want to follow my flesh.

"But ever since I started following the lead of the Holy Spirit, things have drastically changed for me, and I'm pleased about it. I'm dada – those people that naturally have dreadlocks from birth. Since birth, I have been spiritual.

"My parents told me I was stillborn, so they had to throw me away. Then there was a clergyman from Ibadan who came to the hospital and asked about me, and I was brought back to life. I was told that I never cried or did anything until the day of my naming ceremony.

"It was when they named me Oluwatoyin that I started crying as a baby.

"Again, when they wanted to shave off my locs, they had to tell me it was the Holy Spirit because I didn't want them to do it."

She further stated that there were voices in her head.

She explained: "I decided to have a small circle because there was too much noise in my head. There is always noise around me, both positive and negative. I am not a careful person. My heart is so free. I am someone you can trust with anything. You can do whatever you want to do in my presence."

Because of her spiritual gifts, Toyin said she attended a Bible college to prepare her for a life as a religious leader. However, everything changed when Nollywood actress Bukky Wright discovered her in Ibadan. She starred in her first movie in 2003.

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Aani damu, I like you o, but no dey do too much😂 abajo tofi sofun esabod pe Ina ma dun in her house in 3 days😂 tinubu daughter😂

NollywoodLast activity one month ago

And the yeye spirit told you to support TINUBU ?

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she can soport anybody she like no be every body go soport that lier pretender former pdp member turn to Jesus Christ 6months ago

Tinubu sole failure and lies to us 2015 which ended up killing more than 10,000 Nigerians.
Who is the saint among the two.

we just need to divide this country….the tribalism is too much honestly 🙌

she's an adult, you don't tell her who to support.

She shouldn’t deceive poor, suffering Nigerians just because of her benefit from Tinubu. What did you benefit from him or APC? If you’re a Lagosian or not. Do you have
1: free healthcare
2: free education
3: Security of life

If you don’t have this common right as a Citizen, why are you supporting the same parties that, for the past eight years, have nothing to show for it except hunger, multiple killings, insecurity, high cost of living, etc.?
Try to explain why we need to vote for him.

NollywoodLast activity one month ago

I pray she finds inner peace in other to let go or better still forget about all the pains and may no child of mine have a reason to come out publicly to say such because by the special grace of God, I will give them the best 🙏🙏🙏

NollywoodLast activity one month ago

Please which food can you recommend for someone with fresh heartbreak? 😢 💔😭😭

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eat cake. Go out and do something exhilarating like hiking or clubbing where it's okay to scream and dance and laugh out loud. Some alcohol is not bad so long as you are with people you trust or even at home. Carrot cake and milk shake will always give U a quick fix. Hang in there. The best is yet to come.

read + beverage with plenty milk to cool off.😂

Psalm 24

NollywoodLast activity one month ago

Everybody is spiritual there is always a part of us connected spiritually ( so many clients of mind have confirmed that they have spiritual guiding angels or spirit

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