I Rejected Tinubu's Senatorial Ticket Offer - Wike.

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I Rejected Tinubu's Senatorial Ticket Offer - Wike.

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has revealed that Tinubu wooed him to join the All Progressive Congress by its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

On Friday, September 23, Wike said that he was offered a senatorial ticket by Tinubu, which he rejected even after Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, failed to fulfill his promise after winning the party's primary election.

He stated that he didn't contest the primary to settle for a vice-presidential or senatorial ticket and will remain in PDP.

Wike said;

"I didn't contest so I could become a vice presidential candidate. I am not like others who were not serious and bought senatorial form alongside presidential form, and that's why when Tinubu offered me a senate slot, I didn't go for it."

This is coming months after some governors elected under the platform of APC met with Wike in Port Harcourt, Rivers State's capital, ahead of the 2023 elections.

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Peter ObiLast activity 2 hours ago

 Why would he need a senatorial ticket from Tinubu when he can get the same from Rivers state if he wants..! How can someone in Lagos offer a sitting governor a senatorial seat in the state he governs? Please put that this rubbish. He only said that he refused to take a senatorial seat because there is a zone in rivers state in the same senatorial seat with him that has not gone for the first time. 

See how these buffoons do horse trading to their benefit without a hoot about the populace. Nigerians, WAKE up and root out these demons!!!!!!!!

Peter ObiLast activity 2 days ago

Very OBIdient man ❤️❤️ they’re already sharing Seats! How can a president be promising senate seat how? That means senatorial positions are not elected positions rather selected!! Say no to APC!

Tinubu and his cohorts will try to use any necessary means to win, bloodshed, bribery, intimidation, fraud etc. look at how they were imposing keke riders to buy their buy and post APC campaign posters on their keke with force. They are ready for any kind of mago mago. They have already strategized plans on how to manipulate votes. But one thing I believe, if God did not sanction it, Tinubu will never be president. He has nothing good to offer.

Peter ObiLast activity 2 days ago

his is exactly how these corrupt old politicians are trading with the present and the future of this country.Divide and rule,na them them, recycling politicians.

See how far Nigeria is gone imagine giving someone senatorial seat and we want Nigeria to be better kai

Peter ObiLast activity 2 days ago

Na this man go scatter Nigeria😂😂😂😂😂 wetin una talk reach there. Woto woto 2023 never reach dem don de collect.😂😂😂😂

I tell una say Wike na d political PORTABLE una nor believe, casting don start

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