I Got Married In 2021, And My Hubby And I Have Had Sex Only Twice A Month. How Can I Make My Husband Show More Interest In Sex?

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I got married in 2021. Since day one, my hubby and I have had sex twice a month. I have tried talking to him, but he says he isn't feeling okay. If I try to seduce him, he'll remove my hand. I'll have to wait until he feels like having sex twice a month. We don't have kids yet, and we both work. I'm tired because I'm missing out on the fun of marriage. What can I do? What can I do house? How can I make my husband show more interest in sex?

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When they advise you to taste, test, and test-run the Engine, Gearbox, and firepower before you all tie the knot, you people will say we are sinners and pagans.

Not knowing we see things from the angle of Reality, now you have entered a dilemma: either you start cheating with one sidecock(GAY), or you continue to manage your sexual ration twice a month.

I will advise you to buy dildos and vibrators to help yourself because you have ended up with a man with low sex libido. I hope other members of the "Sex only on the wedding night crew" take note and learn.


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You are addressing the symptoms and not the actual problem, but since you say it's been that way since day one, maybe not. We will find out.

My questions,

Asides from the sex issue, how does he treat you? How are your conversations? Is he, and was he romantic with you?

Do you think he loves you or is marrying you for other reasons? How do you know he loves you if yes?

Why isn't he attracted to you? Men only desire sex from who they are attracted most times.

How busy is he? Does work stress him out?

Do you have other forms of intimacy besides intercourse?

Finally, is he gay? Observe him well, and you will understand what's wrong.


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If you are sexually starved, and you are fine, you need to call my number (0.8.one. 3. 4..one..98..seven.9..five)

I promise to fuu..ck you secretly, and you will definitely enjoy it instead of being denied your rights on your marital bed by your weakling husband that has been fuu..cking other women and allowing you to wallow in your fantasy.

Don't wait but call me so we can set a date...It's free!


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1. You need to be patient with him

2. It's not easy for a man to get erect at will

3. Stress can affect men, so make sure you are not stressing him out

4. Is it food?

5. Hormones affect men differently, so try to find out first before jumping to conclusions

6. Post-marriage changes can also affect a man sexually

7. Get yourself busy and stop thinking about sex 24/7

Two can play this game.

Iyalaya anybody


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Madam, try and be patient; he has a low libido, and by the time it rises, you will run away.

It happened to me back then; my GF, my wife, complained a lot that I didn't have time, and one time I stayed four months with no sex.

But over two years now, anywhere I catch her na strapping, and she is the one begging me to go out and have fun, and still, I ignore and hold on to her anywhere I catch her even as we have twins now, I still have a way to make the twins spend time with my inlaw, and we chill Saturday and Sunday.

Also, try and get something to set him in the mood. Make I no cap much.

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It would be best if you had to be pragmatic in your approach hence these questions.

How old is he?

What kind of work does he do?

Have you tested his masculinity? (straight or gay)

Has he had an operation before, especially around his waistline?

Is he diabetic?

Has he had a heart problem?

Have you inquired as to his fertility status?

What's the elasticity of your pussy like?

Does he feel you when he penetrates?

Can he keep an erection long enough?

Has he got glaucoma?

Any reproductive tract problems in the past?

You need to seek answers to these questions. As regards testing whether he's straight or gay, one way to test is to insert your index finger into his arsehole. You might have a problem with his gender preference if it freely goes in. If it doesn't, then are safe. Also, his response to this move will either assure you or get you more interested.

As for health problems, then you have to push him to see a specialist. As men grow older, their testosterone reduces. Some men have reduced testosterone that needs to be boosted with drugs but must also be balanced with BP problems. Your man might be ignorant, so don't tow that line of ignorance. Read up about low libido and what you should do as a wife to conquer that problem. Trust me; you go run sef when the action starts.

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Didn't she know this before they got married?... That's one...

2: how is his sex drive?

3: how clean and delicious is that area she calls his food? Cause omo.. once engaged a lady that from the first time entering, I decided that was the very last thrust...

4: for what kind of man is he? Is it possible he is cheating?

5: how is her sex game?? Does she give it to h hot.. give him a moment he can't forget each time.. are you too timid or too freaky... he could be getting better elsewhere.. person wey dey give am run for his money!

6: you also try and make him jealous.. dress up sexy in the evening and try going out to see his reaction...

7: maybe he regretted it almost immediately after marrying... Just talk to him about it and see his reaction.. use your head to calculate what happens next.. and look into those points ahead!

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In other words. You're a sex starved woman.

Have you tried to sit him down to discuss this and let him know how you feel?

If a man stays away from sex for two months, he either has a medical issue that has made his libido drop or he is getting it elsewhere.

But in case you're so frustrated and you need a strong solid 8 inches dick to ride. Just give me a message, I'm available. Let me help your husband to shift your womb. God says always help your neighbor in need. I am willing to help you cure your konji.


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If your write-up is valid, you have to know that men go through stress most times, and it kills their Interest/ drive for love making

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Seriously, I did this to my wife too. In fact, for so many months we don't have sex. Especially when she's pregnant. No sex till after delivery.

The truth is that SEX is not in that man's dictionary. Just try and do more.

Though I am better than him because I have two kids already, you don't have any.

If you trust and believe him, one day, he will come back to his senses.


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How old are you both? If under 35, please Give him more eggs to eat.....Don't mind the cost... At least two eggs daily - mornings and evenings. And try seducing her with sex talks and gentle, slow and steady handling. He will yield. And maybe he does not drink beer. If he does drink, add a little. Just work this and pray, and you see good improvement.


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Women never understand that for many men, sex during casual flings, situationships, no-strings-attached relationships, etc., is VERY different from sex in marriage. Marriage brings a frustrating and demoralizing combination of the undue financial pressure of 'responsibility' on the man, monotony, see finish familiarity, a sense of shortchange-ment, a sense of cage-ment, severe stricture, and so forth. Different men handle this differently.

And to think that most 'serious' men spent a long time wooing the woman who was disinterested in sex during the wooing phase, only for the same woman to reveal her hypersexual core after the so-called marriage... Some of these men can't process or come to terms with that deceitful volte-face. Besides, Conservative men don't understand it and wouldn't accept it for their so-called wife to be the one demanding sex despite the whole stress and pressures of the marriage itself. They expect the woman to be the sexually uninterested or neutral creature that she pretended to be in the beginning, which is only available at the husband's request, to fulfill his sexual need when he wants it...

Of course, there are other men with very high sex drives who would constantly demand the thing almost every day. But then, to each their own.

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Hmmm. If it is there, it is there; if it isn't, then it may never be there.

Your hubby probably has a low libido, and this is something you should have checked before tying the knot with him.

For a woman, it might be easier to spice up her sex drive, but for a man, it's harder if he has a low sex drive.

Some foods like bananas, watermelon, etc., could help drive your hubby's sex drive. You can get him Gingko Biloba supplements too. You could try giving him that.

Try to be sexy for him too. Keep fit and trim, and get nice underwear and perfumes. That can help too though it's not so much about you but him.

I Got Married In 2021, And My Hubby And I Have Had Sex Only Twice A Month. How Can I Make My Husband Show More Interest In Sex?

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