I Finally Carried Out My Social Experiment. I Drove Around Ikeja In A Private Car. I Passed Through Two Police Checkpoints Without A Word From The Police Officer. He Waved Me On. - Lagos PPRO, Ben Hundeyin

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Benjamin Hundeyin has urged Nigerians on how to negotiate with the police to avoid conflict based on his knowledge of the police after he executed a social experiment by concealing himself as a policeman.


The Lagos State Police Command PRO said he outfitted in a mufti and drove around Ikeja by 11:50 pm. He added that he went through two police checkpoints and narrated how the police treated him, as they had no idea he was one of their superiors.


Based on his knowledge, he proceeded to notify Nigerians. He told Nigerians that "respect is mutual" and urged them to value the officers "who stand out all day and all night for lesser pay."


He also told Nigerians not to be condescending or forceful towards the officers.


He finally recognized some rotten eggs in the force and instructed citizens to report such.


Read his post below.

I Finally Carried Out My Social Experiment. I Drove Around Ikeja In A Private Car. I Passed Through Two Police Checkpoints Without A Word From The Police Officer. He Waved Me On. - Lagos PPRO, Ben Hundeyin

I Finally Carried Out My Social Experiment. I Drove Around Ikeja In A Private Car. I Passed Through Two Police Checkpoints Without A Word From The Police Officer. He Waved Me On. - Lagos PPRO, Ben Hundeyin

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LagosLast activity yesterday

My Boss, Arthur U. At Umuahia, taught me that process long ago. I discovered he always had his way even when the uniform men seemed rigid toward other drivers. one day, I just asked him, oga how you dey take know all these people na and he said I no know any of them o, ah how come dem just dey allow you pass anywhere we reach? And he said, if you are playing music, as you approach them, turn it down, put on your inner light, and greet them with respect just like you treat other people you respect, if possible, ask them how the work and family then smile. If they don't get any tangible reason to suspect or search your vehicle, you don get pass mark. This has been working for me too.

Note, I don't carry dada hair, and I don't wear sag trousers, so your case fit differently even after you apply those measures.

LagosLast activity 14 hours ago

Nigerian police intimidate/force people to unlock their phones. Even force people's mouths open for them to search for what I don't know. oga, do your findings well. Driving through a few roads just in Lagos is not enough to ascertain whether your colleagues are what people call them.

What is he saying? Using one night survey to draw inference ?. So that you know, Nigerian youths are going through a lot at the hands of Nigerians Police Officers. Very many of them are evil.

LagosLast activity yesterday

Nigeria is a rugged country to survive with a minimum wage of 30,000 nairas (less than USD 100 per month).

To cater to one's family in Nigeria as a civil servant, one has to increase their income through begging or sharp practices while engaged in the civil service.

Go to Universities and Polytechnics, and lecturers sell handbooks to students. Some of these lecturers will teach you well and mark your papers well whether you buy their guides or not. Other lecturers will not prepare well and score you low if you do not accept their handbooks. We don't spit on the lecturers because education is essential.

Go to Immigration offices across the country. Staff is collecting huge sums to process passports. People even beg to offer more significant amounts to process their passports faster. We don't spit on the team because traveling is essential.

Go to file court processes even in the court registry. You have to pay the staff extra money so that they can handle your files happily. We don't spit on the registrar because getting justice is essential.

Try to book an appointment with a prominent person with a busy schedule. You have to appreciate his assistant or secretary with money and airtime. We don't spit on them because seeing the big man is essential.

It is the same in every government department in this country.

When the student returns from school and the lady leaves the immigration office to encounter a police officer at a checkpoint, they spit on the police officer because security is not essential, and the police are standing under the rain sun, unlike the others. 

Like every lecturer sells handouts, most policemen beg for 100 nairas or 200 Naira to complement their 45,000 nairas a month without seeing their families. Not all of them are like the lecturers who victimize students who don't buy the handbooks.

Ask the drivers whose cars were auctioned in Lagos last week. They'd be praying a police officer had asked them for 5000 nairas or 10,000 nairas at the spot instead. Ask G-boys wey dey EFCC custody. They will tell you they wished a police officer had asked them for a little at a checkpoint instead.

When e reach police officers we dey form sane clime, if police dem follow rational clime tow people, car wey default goes station, car for finish for Naija. Though there are bad officers, please let's appreciate the good ones.

Double standards are everywhere.

LagosLast activity 2 days ago

How can SP Benjamin Hundeyin pass through only TWO police checkpoints and tag his brief adventure as a social experiment with a determination drawn? That's inadequate for a police officer with a master's degree in Legal Criminology and Security Psychology. Two police checkpoints can never form a specimen size in any plausible social experiment, especially in a state like Lagos. Any determinations drawn from two checkpoints out of hundred checkpoints in Lagos State are relatively disgraceful.

For this experimentation to be reasonable, the following have to comprise:

- It has to be in at least 50% of the regional administration areas in the state.

- It has to cover the infamous police extortion zones of the state mainly. And if he wants to know these areas, he should ask for recommendations.

- This experience should be done during the daytime and in the evening.

Excuse me, SP Hundeyin, Nigeria Police must include undercover functions to sanitize the police. These secretive officers should go to police stations ( infamous ones such as Igando station and Ikeja) as plaintiffs and suspects, automobile passengers, laps wearing jeans.

LagosLast activity 2 days ago

PRO, thanks for sharing your experience. These under-cover spot checks are called quality control/quality assurance which is key to quality service. Beyond the spot check, NPF should have standard operating procedures (SOP); how to approach citizens, how to de-escalate tension, how to ignore tantrums from motorists, when to use brutal force, etc. Your officers should be trained continuously to imbibe these SOPs. For instance, your colleague that asked you to "find him something" deserves a query because NPF did not send him to that beat to beg for money. Night duty is never easy for anybody, including uniform guards, medical workers, radio/tv presenters, bar/restaurant staff, etc. Nobody is forced to do these jobs. It is by choice. I think NPF should collaborate with ASUU members for affordable/relevant training on psychology, language skills, etc., more so now that they are at home.

Oga, please don't use your experience to judge everybody. Sometimes you try to be friendly, and they see it as an advantage to frustrate and extort you. Do you think people haven't tried to be nice? Nigerians are one set of people I know who can pretend to the end so long as they get what they want, so if being nice and friendly to the police has been helpful, even people who are not lovely will pretend to be nice to have some peace. But no, people have seen that being not very pleasant with the same energy they bring will get them off your back faster than being nice. You can't stop someone who has gone through a bad day and start asking them stupid questions to extort them and expect them to be excellent. Train your officers to respect themselves and do their job how they are supposed to, and you will see they'd have fewer problems with people. They are not on the road to looking for respect. Respect will only come when they respect themselves.

LagosLast activity 2 days ago

Raps!!!. Now citizens are to walk on eggshells, so officers with unresolved issues don't lash out at them. Hello, you are a Service agency, NOT the Oba of Benin. It is now up to you -Chief Adviser to the unarmed citizenry, to STOP pre-judging citizens and treat each one like he would expect to treat a loved relative. We are so tired of how the way you look, how you dress, how you speak, or who you know determines what a right a fellow human can enjoy. When your men have attacked fellow humans, their loved ones will enjoy the treatment. 

First, only two checkpoints are not enough for your social experiment to praise the police. Go through at least 50 checkpoints, and you will encounter officers who get angry and misuse their power when they are not given something. Secondly, you further validated the shameful practice of the police begging citizens for money: A police saying: 'Find me something' is soliciting for a bride. It is unlawful, dishonest, and against the code of principles of the police force. This finds me something' has given criminals a means of escaping scrutiny at Checkpoints. Police officers abroad will never ask for money.

God does not lie.

LagosLast activity 2 days ago

Benjamin is saying that they are doing their job well. Thank you, Sir, for covering up because that's exactly what you expected you to do, or have you people changed or repented? Oga, this one na Nollywood movie you dey summarize for us, no be your real experience even if at all you drove out there as you said. 

Oga, please do that in those well-known areas, primarily those where our officers don't like hearing "money no dey"not in Ikeja, that's known as the government seat of government area. If one of the officers had slapped him without provocation, would he have arrested or given them his other cheek for them to beat? His comment above doesn't add up.

Oga, you wanted to make police enquires about crime, you chose Ikeja of all places, you didn't see mushin, badagry expressway, apapa road and even festac. Don't advise us until you visit the prominent crime locations in Lagos. please when will your men start arresting lastma officials? They are now killing people more than robbers.

LagosLast activity 2 days ago

Nigeria's police have no training at all. All they know is to collect money from civilians and treat them like dogs. Policeman, please advise your officers. They are so useless and hopeless 😔. So stupid. The second one was a horrible experience. Should they be asking for money at all? Send a younger guy for this experiment after 11 pm.

Please, what demographics do you represent/fit into-age range/group (and group s attendant characteristics) .applying mean, median, and mode? Will you say these strata and resultant data are general? What day of the week? Car specs and occupancy. Your control experiment(s). Please (1 2 3 456789...10... breathe out) know you are a spokesperson. Learn soft n hard skills, empathy, and experiment conduction.

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