I Broke Up With My Ex Boyfriend Last Three Years And He Wants Me Back Now, Should I Accept Him?

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I broke up with my ex few years ago after suspecting he was having an affair with someone else through the way he relates with her. I told him I'm no longer interested and he simply said "ok" without even asking why.. he felt really good with the decision so I moved on and he also did. Fast forward to last week, we ran into each other at a program and he kept on staring at me through out the whole program.. he later sent me a message a day after the program that he still loves me and he never cheated on me and he couldn't convince me when I told him I'm no longer interested in the relationship because he knows my mind was already made up.. I don't know if he's telling the truth.. what should I do? From a friend

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You should accept him back and have a closer look at his motives. Do not make it obvious that you are watching his ways. Some people might choose not to argue a decision when they already feel overwhelmed with what the outcome will be. Maybe he didn’t cheat or maybe he cheated, use this second chance to figure it out. Also use it to be new couples all over again and do what makes each of you happy.

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Thanks a lot

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Any suggestions Please 🙏

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If you still love him give him a chance ,though we don’t know his motives yet maybe he saw you are looking great and will want to get back to you,first ignore him make him fight for your attention if he did not give up give him a chance.

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What was the reason for the break up

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Please don't, except you still love him.

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Love can change a lot. However, it's possible there's an ulterior motive. Question him.

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First,I wouldn't leave my man because of cheating but what confuses me is the way he reacted when you said it's over,like seriously..that singular act shows he doesn't need you..now you guy run into each other,he must have seen alot of changes,which made him start lusting over you again,so my dear.. move on coz he doesn't truely loves you

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