How I Moved From Management Trainee To Become An Assistant Manager Within 4 Years

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I'm posting this to encourage someone out there.

My job hunting days started here on, in fact I got my first two (2) jobs here and after which recommendations and reputation opened more doors for me.

Below are what have been working for me so far.

Choose a career in the right industry

Simply put, "e get some kind work wey I no fit do."

I'm a very calculative person, I was kinda selective during my early days because I knew where the money was. I also understand that you have to start little, but no matter how little please don't settle for the low tier industries.

You will be behind in all facets of life, trust me on this one.


Nobody in life except your parents will be attracted to you if you don't have anything to bring to the table. Organizations will beg to have you and also dance to your terms when you have the right skill set to get the job done.

Under this point, I'll also add smartwork and personal development.

Networking with the right people

Do not hide under a rock, simply put do not hide behind your desk from January to December.

Go out and meet the people you exchange emails with, put names to faces. Have their whatsApp numbers and connect. They know you're competent, they'll be more than happy to have you on their team or strongly refer you .

You must jump ships

Make I use pidgin talk this one, dem no dey stay one place rise to the top. The people you met there will suppress you.

The people I left in my former places of work cannot lace my shoes right now. Please I am not bragging, I'm just stating the facts.

Jumping ships attract at least 40-60% and sometimes 100%+ salary increase and also position. So you decide where you'll pitch your tent.

The first 2 points will help you jump ships at your own will and terms.

On the other hand, don't jump ships too often.

The BIG God factor

As a Christian, I cannot overemphasize this. You're not the most hardworking or brilliant mind out there, in my career journey I see people with higher qualifications than me that are way behind and I ask myself many questions.

It will pay you to run with the grace of God, believe me on this one. I attend some interviews and I ask myself if this is an interview or a hangout. There was one I attended the top two officers were asking and answering themselves questions that was meant for me .

Or how do you explain when you'll put all your life problems in your salary demand (which is higher than the industry standard by 30% or so) and the company will agree 100%. Last I checked you're not the only one in the market.

I'm still on my journey, but I just feel led to share this to encourage someone out there.

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You studied a very useful and vast course, choose a path in the course and develop yourself; it will put food on your table.

I studied same course; I do a lot with it. Electrical installation, intercom, CCTV, solar/inverter, a little of machines, electronic repairs, satellite dish installation, still undergoing training on complete networking. I have passion for telecommunications.

Go get a skill.

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This is the only sound post in this useless topic. Op is just here to brag and talk trash to discourage and mess with the mind of numerous struggling youths here online. Imagine bragging that many of his colleagues cannot lace his shoes - as if life is balanced. I wonder how he got to the so-called management shyte with this his kind of egoistic attitude. This type will treat cleaners and office assistants in the organization like slaves. very arrogant goat. With all the trash talk he still fail to mention the type of job he does and how those hustling can access such job. He said clearly here that his first jobs were from Gist- if he is an appreciative person, how many times has he posted job openings in his organization on Gist to help alleviate the joblessness of some fellow Nigerians.

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Meanwhile, my advice to young graduates reading this, don't let depression kill you in the name of struggling to get a job or a good paying job. Sometimes challenge yourself, derail from the main track of job hunting and look for personal development.

Let's be realistic, no matter how good and skilled you are in Nigeria, the saddest truth is that not all graduates will secure a job to even talk of getting their dream job or a well paying job, so knowing this sad reality, what do you do? Die of depression that you can't find a job while your mates are getting good jobs? No!

What then is the solution? Entrepreneurship!

How I Moved From Management Trainee To Become An Assistant Manager Within 4 Years

Starting your own business may sound impossible as a graduate with no startup capital, but I tell you, if you have the right skills (not really in your discipline of study), you will laugh last more than those your mates that got big paying jobs at first. You will become an envy of others. I speak as a living testimony.

Internet technology and social media are very great tools to Kickstart your entrepreneurship journey.

Don't focus all your time, energy and resources looking for a job or for a well paying job, create one, it is possible. If i could do it, then any other Nigerian youth out there with ambition and zeal can do it.

Don't be shy to become a cobler as a Law Graduate. Don't be shy to become a fashion designer as a graduate Accountant. Don't say its shameful that your mates are working with Mobil while you are still struggling to start a baking business. Be focused in whatever you find doing and be proud of it. Be innovative and be distinctive. Distinguish your business and handwork. Be honest. Have integrity and deliver solution to your customers.

It doesn't matter how you started but how you end up is what matters most. You will be discouraged, down casted and feel like giving up sometimes but don't give up. Consistency is key to building gear business empire and brand.

I will stop here.


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I studied electrical/electronics engineering. Lost my teaching job during the covid-19 scourge. I have been at home since march 2020. I've been trying to get another job but all efforts proved abortive. What can you advise me on? I would have loved starting a business but I don't have the capital at the moment... So, indebted at the moment. Believe me, life is really hard on me

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If life is hard on you; look at life in the face and be hard on it in return. Stop sitting down at home and keep complaining of not having a job, there are businesses everywhere, managed by people who want to increase their sales. Approach a couple of them and go and sell their products on their behalf, either for a commission or by adding a margin. You can 'blow' big time in a short period of time. Let me give you an idea, you have a smart phone, you see all those guys selling cars, approach them, take pictures of their cars, go online (maybe Instagram), be posting it there that you are now a car dealer, before you realize it, you will receive your first order, and referrals will begin to pour in, in less than 2 years, you will become a millionaire, now did you use any capital to do that? It might not necessarily be cars, it could be anything, just sell other people's products, especially online, offline too is OK. Those guys you see in traffic, you think they all own those wares? Nah. Let me stop here, use your tongue to count your teeth. Best wishes.


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I tell most people this same story and some do not understand...

there's a God factor which is key... and there's the man factor which has to be intentional...

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