How Governor Wike Disgraced Himself Today And Misused Rivers Taxpayers' Money On Live TV.

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How Governor Wike Disgraced Himself Today And Misused Rivers Taxpayers' Money On Live TV.

Today Gov Wike misused Rivers taxpayers' money. He was throwing tempers on live tv for about 3 hours for emotional aggrandizement and a presidential primaries that had nothing to do with Rivers people or their welfare.

Wike is a man known for his selective amnesia. After Amaechi's tenure, Wike, another Ikwere after his "mammeee," eye service for Patience Jonathan, was given the ticket, ignoring the need to zone the political ticket to other tribes or senatorial zones.

Then Wike went on Channels to say, "You don't zone what you don't have. Zoning only applies when the party is in power."

According to the self-imposed emperor, PDP must field its strongest candidate to win the election. After winning, we can talk about zoning.

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Wike is a very selfish politician. His casual attitude, greed, and attempt to remove competition led him to force out two southern PDP governors interested in the 2023 presidential ticket in the PDP. He went further to ensure that the attempt by the party to zone the ticket to the South East never happened because Obi would automatically pick it.

You can watch all his chronicles here:

As a lawyer, Wike openly called for the rape of the PDP Constitution to soothe his bruised ego.

Wike claims he is telling the truth, but the elders say you don't have to remember anything when you speak the truth.

In August 2021, Wike claimed that the former Chairman Prince Uche Secondus was removed for lack of performance when everyone knew how he employed the services of his local bingos to suspend the man in his ward and the black market court order that legalized it.

But deceptively speaking on national television in Port Harcourt, Wike maintained that his grouse was the failure of the NWC to effectively carry out its responsibility as an opposition political party.

Wike: Secondus’ NWC Can’t Lead PDP to Victory in 2023 – THISDAYLIVE

Anyway, as he promised, the truth came out today. Wike forgot the lies he has been peddling all these while to reveal the real reason why his greedy bunch removed a performing NWC and replaced it with one failing to do its job.

Mr. Wike said, during the media chat in Port Harcourt today, that Mr. Secondus was removed to pave the way for the south to produce a PDP presidential candidate.

"In the final meeting in Enugu, we now say, Secondus, as the chairman of the party, you are already running out your tenure, and therefore you can't go back (as the PDP chairman) because it is the position of the south that the president has to come from the south.

"And the president cannot come to the south if you (Secondus) are the party's chairman," Mr. Wike said.

"So it was not as if it was a personal thing," he added.

But that was a bare-faced lie. All Wike has been eliminating anyone he believes will stand on his way to getting the Party ticket. He even ensured no Rivers man was on the NWC to ensure he had his way.

He went on to plant one of his bingo governors to swap offices and another bingo governor on the zoning committees, it was all personal, but they failed to deliver woefully.

Wike is a man fighting for himself and not southern Nigeria.

1. He frustrated Obi and all his allies out of the PDP in Anambra. We left him.

2. He frustrated Umahi and his allies out of the PDP in Ebonyi. We left him.

3. He frustrated the Ayade Ben of Cross River to out of the PDP we left him.

4. He is trying to do the same to Gov Obaseki in Edo by creating and supporting the factions we are watching.

5. He dared to conduct parallel Gov primaries in Akwa Ibom before he was booted out. We are watching.

6. Wike arrested and detained the only Gov aspirant that flouted his decree and bought himself a form, he fraudulently created a scene to implicate the lawmaker to prove a point, and you call that one an honest man.

7. Wike brought Modu Sherrif, which caused a disaster. Wike brought Makarfi and later said Makarfi must go. Wike got Secondus and later said Secondus must go and shoved Ayu down our throat. Still, this time whether he cries blood Ayu is not going anywhere!

Makinde, that should be preparing for a second term, is busy providing a template for his enemies to finish him. Ortom and Ikpeazu are two of the worst performing Govs in Nigeria, yet instead of looking for how to redeem themselves, they are causing more trouble and helping Wike disgrace himself the more!!!

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2 months ago

Peter ObiLast activity 2 months ago

We are ready for him. He thinks say na to call us for stakeholders' meeting to give us change. He is joking we dey Rivers dey wait, all our money he was sharing outsiders without paying our fathers their pension and he is talking of injustice

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Who are you? Where were you when wike and some of his comrades were fighting for the party's survival while Atiku was replying to him as an opposition member in APC before he smuggled his comrades' way to the party ticket?

Abeg let person hear word

Peter ObiLast activity 2 months ago

Nyesom Wike is a petulant, spoilt political brat of a fantastically corrupt tree (PDP)! I will be seriously lying if I say I'm not enjoying his shitshow with Atiku and PDP!

Nothing is as lovely as seeing Karma at work! Nigeria may never actualize greatness till APC, and PDP (twins from the same seed of corruption) are buried for good! Wike has nothing to lose again, but Atiku will be the greatest looser and PDP next. PDP is going the way of AD gradually.

We will use PDP to narrate stories, "story of once upon a time," there was a particular party called PDP. After 2023, APC will then enter fading mode.

The God of Peter Obi is alive

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2 months ago

Oga Wike did very well in rivers state. Outside flyovers(which are very important). We have a cardiovascular center, d real Madrid academy, a mother n child hospital, and a good road network, to mention just a few.

We may not all agree with his style of being too vocal, but that was the tactics he used in making d PDP relevant. When the presidential candidate, Saraki, Dino, Tambuwal, and many more, decided to work against the party and ensured it lost d 2015 election.


Peter ObiLast activity 2 months ago

Just like Kwankwaso, Wike cannot afford to support any other party or presidential candidate except PDP and Atiku.

Wike has his men as PDP candidates in all the elective positions except the presidential candidate.

He cannot afford to abandon them, so that he will be given an APC senatorial ticket. Precisely the reason the merger couldn't work with Kwankwaso and OBI. It's a political suicide mission. In as much as wike and PDP can go to hell.

You are not even ashamed to mention the worst party we have ever had, and a potentially worst president Nigeria will likely have if he gets the opportunity.

With APC's Muslim-Muslim ticket and an old, sick, corrupt candidate, thieftinubu, PDP's unending crisis and bad antecedents coupled with the corruption-laced candidate Atiku.

Finally, with the peoples' quest for change and yearning for a breath of fresh air.

Peter Obi is indeed cruising to victory.

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Peter ObiLast activity 2 months ago

If PDP had presented a clown like Wike Tinubu and the APC would have did not need to campaign at all. We will help any foolish Governorship aspirant supporting Wike to fail before we Dey play with una now we don ready!!!!

Was it not this foolish man that abused Peter Obi on national television and Called him names?

He felt he could play east and Igbos and clinch a PDP ticket. Wike is a tactless and senseless politician.

Today he’s saying he’s a defender of the south. And yet he killed obiigbo men and women and sent mothers and their daughters to prison for months to appease the north. same fool traveled to the north and even visited Yar Adua mama and others. North reject a.m.

Oga starts to speak in tongues and turns Asari into a freedom fighter. Wike is a buoyant idiot and a shameless occult. Noble men for Alpha show am who Dey run rivers state. No be mouth

Power to the people. PETER2023

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