How Do You All Codedly, Abi Sharply Find Out Your Baby's Finger Size To Get Her A Ring That Fits?

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I'm ready to pop the question soon. How do you all codedly, abi sharply find out your baby's finger size to get her a ring that fits? I'd ask her, but I want it to be a surprise. Men and women of experience, help a newbie out

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Virgin or not. A woman you married a virgin can still cheat on you. Yea, that's for sure... AWALT... You don't own her You will never own it...

But, the stup!d!ty comes when a sane man stays committed to a non-virgin...

The stup!d!ty comes when you pay a bride price for a girl that was probably fvked with 2k or Indomie and egg... I mean, why should you pay a bride price of about 500k in addition to wedding programs and everything which I hope will cost you up to a million naira or 800k...

Her ex-boyfriend fvked and dumped her... Why should you be Ignorant to fvk and keep her.. That's where the stup!d!ty comes.., Know your worth...

The female standard has never changed. They will always look for men who can provide for them and their children; why should men's standards change from marrying virgins(our fathers) to marrying ex repented h0.e.s

She wasted her BEST years with bad guys. She is giving her REST years to you...

You want to BUY the cow when The Milk is FREE.

Go for the best cos you deserve the best...

Shaa, your life is your choice... If you want to settle down with a non-virgin...

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Buy a ring for your small finger. Then wear it on your finger in her presence, then playfully try it on her ring finger and see the fit. If it's too small, you know to buy a size bigger or two sizes bigger or if it's too loose, you buy a size less or you may be lucky and it would be a perfect fit.

If she wears rings, better for you, steal one and take it to a ring shop for measurements.

You can buy her an affordable jewelry set: a necklace, earrings, and a ring. Make sure it contains a ring. You can check the fitting and know what size to buy for engagement.

Remember to tell the shop where you buy the engagement ring that you will come and exchange it if it doesn't fit.


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Calm down and Just take a stroll there.

Do you never go service? When you go you will understand that 99.9% of Nigerian girls are olosho, that is why a man will say, I want to tie the but or I want to get married. but a girl will say, I need a good husband(man that is loaded financially) or they will say, I want to settle down this year which means they have been fuuucking around all this while.

Boyfriend uses ordinary indomine and egg divirgin person future wife. It is well.

You wey want to come to chop left over go come to receive a bill of ₦500000-and above.

Meanwhile na boyfriend chops the hymen ooo.

Life has no balance at all.

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Don't do it. You will regret it.

Your best bet is to impregnate and keep her at home; this way, she won't misbehave.

If she misbehaves, then you can easily leave and impregnate another.

Quick question, is she a virgin?


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Stop proposing to Nigerian women they are all useless-says a broke and frustrated redpiller. Op, congratulations on addy, hope she accepts.


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1. If she is not a virgin...

2. If she's a Nigerian girl...

If the answer to these two questions are YES..

Dont trade your commitment for a used girl. Dont pay a bride price for a used girl...

Then I won't advise you. I want you to learn the hard way...

That's the only remedy.....

Happy proposal and marriage...

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LOL abeg no stress yourself. Tell the ring seller you wanna propose. They can give you 3 rings sizes for the price of one. You will return the other two that doesn't fit.

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