Hitting Your Foot Against A Stone As A Christian. Meaning?

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Hi brethren. I was going somewhere to get something and I needed to make a huge payment to acquire that thing. Now, sometimes If I want to get something, I do pray that the holy spirit should give me a sign whether or not to go ahead with it. So along the line, as we were heading to the sales point, I hit my right foot against a stone. It was so bad that people around chorused their sorry. At first I didn't give it a thought but later I became worried and didn't go through with the transaction. So I googled and found out hitting ones foot is usually a bad sign that the journey will end up badly if the person doesn't retract from it. That I already did. Now, my question is, as a Christian ( bornagain) should I be worried about such superstitious belief? Should I have gone ahead to acquire that thing, waving off the warning signs? Should a Christian adhere to these signs? Cos I realized by the time I sluggishly went back to get it, it was already sold out. Your thoughts please. Mature and spirit-filled Christans only. I don't mean diviners, please. Pure Christans. Thanks.

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Don't allow Satan compromise your faith by showing superstitious ideas in your head jare. Except the stone was invisible.

I am not born again.

I don't believe in superstitions and omens!

What happened to you was as a result of your carelessness.

Even if i saw cobwebs early in the morning my belief is that one or more spiders decided to spin their web there looking for wetin to chop!

Even if you see a black cat in the middle of the night, know that verily if something is not chasing it, it is surely chasing something.

Na wetin them won chop them dey find.

Village people no chase Prophet Job.

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Na bad luck I hear o😅

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Temptation that are bigger than me won't see me.

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Don't allow your vision be blinded by superstitious beliefs. You should never trade common sense in the name of some cage belief. The Holy Spirit is to guide you in a clear path, but not to warn you of an imminent danger by some superstitious belief that you can even read on the internet.

First off, the Holy Spirit talks to us in different ways. Don't dwell in some notion of bad omen from kicking a stone. Because you are a christian does not permit you to be reckless with your life. It permits that you do the right thing at the right time. I demands wisdom.

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According to them is a bad sign

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