Governor Nyesom Wike Has Vowed To Remain In The PDP Despite His Disagreement With The Party's Leadership.

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The governor stated this during a meeting with PDP stakeholders in Rivers state on Thursday night, September 22. Governor Wike and his supporters have been calling for the resignation of the national chairman of the party, Iyiorcha Ayu. They argue that since the party's presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, Atiku Abubakar, is from the North, Ayu, who is also from the North, cannot remain the party chairman. They insist that Ayu vacates his office for a Southerner. On Tuesday, September 20, Governor Wike's supporters withdrew their support for the presidential campaign of Atiku Abubakar. In response, Atiku Abubakar said he could not force the national chairman to resign. On Thursday, Wike said the recent developments would not make him leave the party. He added that it is wrong for the party's presidential candidate, national chairman, and presidential campaign DG to be from the same region. "One thing I have always told people is if anybody is thinking, doing anything to believe that we will leave PDP, foul. We will fight at the party. We are not like them when in 2014, they walked out of Eagle Square. They've forgotten. They walked out and joined APC. Is it not correct? Wike said. Did they remain to fight inside the party? But we stayed; they ran away. Now, there is a fight at the party. We will not run. We will fight it at this party. Those who run away from conflicts are weak people. We will not. So, everybody should know this is the state where we are so that nobody tells you all kinds of stories. You have taken the presidential candidate; you have taken party chairman; you have also taken the DG (director-general) of the campaign. We are talking about party politics. Decisions are made by the presidential candidate, chairman of the party, and the DG of the campaign."

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See Wike a strong man, Reno will be one side castigating Obi without understanding interest and status of his regional people in PDP. Na to dey write grammar and indirectly instigating ethnic groups against each others


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God has placed there for today's revolutionary movement of New Nigeria. known as #OBIdients. If he leaves the coast will be clear, but he needs remain to fan the fire. Wike's demand is justifiable from the constitution and agreement of the party. Atiku who claims to be a 'UNIFIER' is a disastrous tribal bigot and nepotistic. After 'destroying' the constitution of the party, he further destroyed the agreement of Southern president.

I know this game and will elaborate on it in a video soon. Buhari knows and thrown in his support for Atiku, that is why he waited for the out come of PDP convention before imposing the impossible to win Muslim-Muslim ticked to Tinubu with the most controversial Bokottima, whose hate Christians and Southerners especially, the Igbos oozes from his hair to his toes.

Nigeria politics is all about party, not about the citizens and well-being of the country, sha what do I know, God go expose all of una one by one. PO for president 🙌

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He’s right though but he also did same thing in Rivers State when he single-handedly chose his successor and vice and nominated almost all PDP’S state house of assembly members, LGA chairmen and all sorts so why he’s crying fowl at the National level ?

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Stop tell lies go to your YouTube and search from were wike as the bishop and everyone to help me pray for a successor


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FFK no day allow us tag any if not na me for be the first to tag am make him watch this video because no be every politician day behave like am Wike is to smart to join APC only Weak and selfish men join APC.

It's there country with the support of Britain there is nothing you can do Ndi one Nigeria keep crying do they care and can you do anything the answer is no the power is going back to the north every good position in Nigeria as of today is being occupied by the northern you people are here talking rubbish

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The lion of the tribe of PDP and Rivers. Make everywhere scatter so that this country go reset. I wish we have up to 3 of you in Nigeria. May the Lord continue to put confusion in the camp of the enemies of Nigeria's progress. 🔥

I see you people just typing about live band and all irrelevant things instead of looking deep into what gov wike is saying. You see Nigerians are allowing cruise to take the place of everything. Do you know what it means for power to be one sided? Well I know we will wake up someday

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They walked out of eagle square in 2014, to form the nPDP and later defected to the APC worked against PDP and also sworn never to return to PDP. Wike remained. Ayu was already in political extinction. Wike brought him back to political limelight.

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A lot of people don’t know this,they don’t know the sacrifices Wike made for PDP when everyone abandon PDP and jump into APC

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How I wish southern politicians can be this sincere and firece in speaking and standing for the truth. Rather they're after their belly. Gov. Wike, please carry on, you are brave leader and that is the kind of leaders that we need not cowards. Please never leave. Help damage the party from within. The North think other regions in Nigeria are their slaves. People without a conscience. I'm happy the South is beginning to realise this. Imagine people with impoverished IQ alway wanting to lead intelligent people. Funny beings!

Wike is surpose to be the party Chairman he sacrificed so much for the party when all this parasites in it ran away he held the party strong all by him self. Wike may not be the best government but let's applaud him for been courageous. Other are eastern/southern pdp governors are vegetables. Oh yes member. Wike o your mandate we stand. #ayumustgo #obidiebt

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this is where a man was killed, is much more dignifying than this is where a man defected into the bush. WIKE we re with u. On southern agenda we stand. #AyuMustGo....🙌🏽✌🏿💯✅

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Wike has every right to be angry, in all honesty, nobody deserves that presidential ticket other than him.. he worked for it, he stood with PDP when Atiku and co-destroyed the party just to support Buhari.

They all left and now they are back to reap where they did not sow. But one good lesson this leaves us with is that there is nothing like one Nigeria, the northern feel this country is their birthright. I hope that our southern leaders would shine their eyes and do the needful, if not for tinubus thuggery they would have sidelined him too. In all of this, both PDP and APC should retire...

We are tired of recycling leaders who have absolutely nothing to offer, they just come loot Nigeria and keep the poor masses poorer. Vote wisely guys they don't care about us, their children are in the UK graduating and living well while we are here roasting. Peter obi made his money from legit so I won't be mad dt he used his money to train his kids wherever. But ask your leaders what they were and how much they were worth before becoming politicians

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