Good Day, Fellas. Do You Guys Still Remember This Gadget?

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My late 100L roommate tormented me with Don Moen gospel songs with this back in 2000. Other boys in the hostel were rocking Craig David and dem Sisqo at that time

It was a rechargeable lantern composed of;

-fluorescent tube

-torch (which could blink)

- cassette player

-AM & FM radio

- a deafening alarm/siren sound

The thing could last several hours back in those days, jacking at night in the lecture theatres on campus with no NEPA light.

Rest in Peace, Emmanuel.

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That Craig David you mentioned brought back memories for me. I served in the year 2000 in one village, and it was this radio and one Craig David complete cassette that a friend gave me when leaving for a camp that was my companion.

I still know which song will come after which song in that Craig David album.

That Craig David’s album “Born to do it” was arguably the most “abused” album on Nigerian campuses in 2000. I also refused to buy the album, but one played “T” in the boy’s hostel every time.

I also knew the album by heart as a result.

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The rechargeable lantern had a radio and cassette player. This thing helps boys to jack in those days for school in the last 90s and early 2000s. Part of the many things when coming of android fone pursue commot from circulation

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Bring back memories. The indomie generation will probably think this is a video game 🎮 or some weird stuff.

This life, ehh! Nothing last forever!

This was how BB was onboard, but today iPhone has taken over.

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Good old days. The super and portable Home theater, torch light, and recorder in one gadget

3in1 gadget

The odogwu of all lamps. We hail you today and eternally more.

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Papa radio and3 in one

The only thing that needs to be added is a sim card.

🔦 Light, Battery, Cassette player and Radio

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If you had this widget in your house and used it quite well, You should be married with kids by now.

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