Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour, The Labour Party Flag Bearer For The Governorship Election In Lagos, Pays A Visit To The Ooni Of Ife.

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The Labour Party flag bearer for the governorship election in Lagos State shared this on his twitter feed to his over 168,000 followers: This week, I paid a courtesy visit to His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the custodian of Yoruba culture. My Yoruba heritage has given me the Omolúàbí sense of responsibility expected from leaders to always ensure our common diversity & history as Nigerians are exploited to promote peace, harmony and progress for all. Lagos has become heartbeat of commerce, industry, culture and entertainment in Nigeria and Africa, a welcoming shelter for all who call our state home. Under my leadership as Governor, it will continue to be the shining beacon on the hill for all who seek the best it has to offer. Èkó E dìde!! ~ GRV.

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The things this guy will do in Lagos if he mistakenly wins.

1. He'll channel the Lagos state treasury into the hands of Ipobs. All he needs to do is appoint an Igbo man to head the State treasury in Lagos, and bo0m, and we won't see any record of money in or out again.

2. He will retire MC Oluomo and start his park touts/agbero empire (with Igbos) in Lagos.. park touts plenty for the East more than any other region. That is the only work they do there.

3. He will appoint Igbos to head markets across Lagos and scrap the Iyaloja title.. one of Yoruba cultures has gone like that.

4. He will sack Oba of Lagos and elevate one Eze ndigbo to be the ruler in Lagos.

5. He will retrench Yorubas from Lagos state civil service and recruit Igbos, especially the Anambra people, to fill all the vacancies. It's evident from his choice of words e.g. afonja, to describe Yorubas. So if you are a Yoruba working with LASG and you join them to vote LP over your current employer, know you will soon become jobless and hopeless.

Our people say ise l'ogun ise.. when you lose your job, your eyes will clear. The devil you know is better than the angel you just met promising you heaven and earth.

The list is endless.

Yoruba e ronu.. make e no says una wan dey unfortunate.


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NigeriaLast activity 15 days ago

I hope Mr. Chinedu Rhodes-Vivor showed Ooniriisa his bigoted tweets and spoke his tatata alumolu Yoruba to Oonirisa.

He is contesting for Osun state Governor now. Idobale, an incredibly fake one like this one by Chinedu, o kin şe iwa o..

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You mean the tweets you and your WhatsApp group goons doctored?

NigeriaLast activity 15 days ago

Nice one.

An Omoluabi indeed!

God almighty bless your aspiration with success. Lagos needs your passionate energy to harness her wealth for the direct good of Lagos people. Your plans to rid the state of touts aka Jagaba army terrorising citizens and provide programs that will keep them positively engaged is noted. A greater LAGOS is POssible.

NigeriaLast activity 15 days ago

I think he has mental problems. He is contesting in Lagos, but he met the king of Osun, who brought together all Yoruba Obas to support Tinubu.

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