Fact: Nigeria 🇳🇬 Is The World's 5th Most Significant Exporter Of Footballers.

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If only the government were profound enough about our national team, we'd have reached the world cup semis before Morocco, and we'd presumably be regulars in the quarters.

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Our points are not mutually exclusive. Granted, yes, we need players with a good mentality. Still, those Moroccans also did well because their government was serious enough about the team to hire a competent manager to motivate them. The players can only do so well on their own, no matter how good they are.

They still need a competent coach, which is the government's responsibility. Our team is good right now, more than good enough to consistently make it into the last 16 of the world cup. However, we still need a competent manager to take us to those heights. When the government starts investing in the national teams, we'll stop losing talents like Saka, Tomori, Abraham, and Alaba to European countries.

Not really. Nigeria had a team capable of reaching the final in 1994 and of at least QF or SF in 1998. But we lost in the first knockout rounds. It wasn't the "government" that lost those games, though. Instead, it was the players on the field.

You look at the sheer passion and determination of those Moroccan players: all 11 and the subs. The super Eagles have yet to show that in the World Cup, except for that first game vs. Bulgaria. And even they're a different level of focus. The Olympic-winning team, yes, but not the Super Eagles in the World Cup.

I agree with what you said, but that's not the point of the comment. Nigeria must do more to attract a player to the national team.

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Nigeria/Population213.4 million (2021)

There are more significant countries, but this is the only country with an enormous population that is both football-mad and has such a weak domestic league.

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I wish the league were better, Nigeria is more than capable of creating a great league on the level of PSL, at least

Brazil may be a fair comparison, although their league is more potent than ours but weak in European standards

Unfortunately, a good League requires substantial investment and a well-designed plan, both of which we have.

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