Facebook: Nigeria Sues Meta, Seeks ₦30 Billion Penalty

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According to a statement on Tuesday by the regulatory body for Nigeria’s advertising ecosystem, ARCON is seeking that the continued publication and exposure of various advertisements directed at the Nigerian market through Facebook and Instagram platforms by Meta Platforms Incorporated is illegal, unlawful, and a violation of the extant advertising Law in Nigeria. ARCON stated that Meta Platforms Incorporated’s continued exposure of unvetted adverts had also led to the loss of revenue to the Federal Government. ARCON is seeking N30bn in sanction for violating the advertising laws and for loss of revenue due to Meta Incorporated’s continued exposure of unapproved adverts on its platforms. The statement read, “ARCON reiterates that it would not permit unethical and irresponsible advertising on Nigeria’s advertising space.”

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NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

First, it was Twitter. Now they're planning to sue Meta Platforms Incorporated (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram)

Nothing concerns aboki with social media.

They are Always looking for ways to create revenue that will be looted by our evil and corrupt politicians. Nonsense!

OBI-DATTI is the answer.

Vote wisely

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FG is right on this. Facebook should pay. They've been hash on Nigerian E-commerce Operators. It's unfair.


5 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

Some people want to wail at any given opportunity, they will never bother to read the content of any report, but their programmed mind will b about how to hate for no reason.

Tell them not to drink poison, and they will tell you that you are stopping them from seeing their maker.

I remember a time when uzodinma banned sales of alcohol at garages to avoid drivers getting high n causing an accident, these hopeless wailers even wailed to high heaven when it was apparent he was trying to help them

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The problem with people like you is that you lack understanding. Nigeria is presently ranked 131st in the ease of doing business index. Your government continues to discourage investments and scare off businesses, but you applaud because it suits your politics.

Most of these laws are for the good of the masses. But most is just one-way traffic in their thinking. The one-way drive law sef... One driver just killed someone around my area last week driving one way. Citizens should have an open mind

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago


So every advert, even by SMEs, should be approved by ARCON?

Why stop at that? Why not ask to approve every post that WhatsApp vendors place on their status?

Facebook is not a newspaper. ARCON is a bunch of troglodytes.


5 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

Yesterday: I went to a restaurant. I saw there was a WiFi service, So I asked for the password. The waitress told me "Eat first,"

So I placed my order. After eating I asked again for the password, and again, she told me "Eat first".. feeling frustrated, I ordered black coffee, After coffee, again I asked for the password. They told me "Eat first".

Then angrily, I walked to the restaurant manager and asked for the password. He replied "Eat first!! I was about to explode when I finally saw a sign on the wall........... WiFi password=EAT FIRST.😂🤦

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

Good one.

What Meta can't and won't do in The EU or North America make them no do am here.

I'm with the FG on this. If they no gree settle out of court and the FG win the case, if Meta no gree pay, they should be kicked out of Nigeria.

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

They start looking for American companies to sue after they ruin the Nigerian economy.

That's how to spot mumus and zombies in Nigeria.  

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago


Sincerely, I saw this coming, and They should go after LinkedIn, BBC, CNN, and Aljazeera too.

If you are currently running a business model that repatriates the whole revenue overseas and it is not the mining sector, you may be in trouble with our new laws. So much is changing, but there are loads of ignorant naysayers. For as long as that money goes out through our banks, FG has captured it, and one day will come for you.

Fortunately, ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law.

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