Domestic Violence: Court Remands Lagos Auto Dealer Ikechukwu Daryl Ogbonna Also Known As IVD, Over The Death Of His Wife, Bimbo.

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An Ebute Meta Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Tuesday, January 31, ordered the remand of auto dealer Ikechukwu Daryl Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD, over the death of his wife, Abimbola Martins-Ogbonna. Magistrate Adebayo Kafayat Tella made the order following advice by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Lagos State, which indicted Ogbonna for involuntary manslaughter. Reading out the DPP Advice, Mrs. Tella said the Defendant should be arraigned before the Lagos High Court. She remanded Ogbonna in custody pending the filing of information against him and his arraignment. Defense counsel Mr. Abubakar Yesufu, however, prayed the court to release the defendant based on earlier bail conditions granted him. But Magistrate Tella held that she lacked the jurisdiction to entertain a case of involuntary manslaughter. Hence all bail applications should be presented before the high court. She adjourned till March 7, 2023. Bimbo sustained injuries in a fire incident after a dispute with IVD in their residence in Megamound Estate, Lekki, on October 15, 2022. She was rushed to a hospital, where she died due to the injuries she sustained. IVD was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba. The couple had been married for 16 years and were blessed with five children. The marriage, however, was fraught with disagreement and alleged domestic violence. It was gathered that the deceased had earlier confronted IVD over alleged repeated assault and maltreatment. The fight resulted in their house being set ablaze. While he escaped with minor burns, Bimbo was not lucky.

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I have 2 pertinent questions that needs to 🐝 answered urgently.
Question 1: who set the house they were living in on 🔥?
Question 2: why was he arrested if he wasn't the one that set the house they were living in on 🔥?

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the most reasonable and logical questions so far! The babe set herself ablaze then try to hold on to the guy who luckily sustain minor injury. People don’t understand that if he touched her or carried her anywhere those family will definitely twist the story that he lit her on fire! They have no case really.

u dey there when she set herself ablaze and hold the guy too. If so they won’t hold him down and grant him bail. Make una dey think@before una talk. Social media no@be court. Na wetin them tell una for here una dey believe. Let the court prove him wrong. Don’t judge with what u hear on social media. Social media is different from

you dey there... See as you put the story like say...

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exactly people are mostly driven by emotions in matters like this, I just hope they give speedy judgement for the sake of the kids and closure, Bimbo family sef no too good to hold pikin

there has been a case of domestic abuse before.. The late wife's family suspected fowl play hence involving the police..

domestic abuse when done turn manslaughter case.. the girls family will loss the case.. the girl kill herself.. she died wrongfully, dem carry her body go police station, she die E wrongfully.. according to Fela

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No fuel and power Holding have not bring the light yet for Blessing ceo to set up ring light to address the public , is taking too long . I am waiting please , try and get a solar energy please , because there some update you dont need to wait for power holding or fuel.

LagosLast activity one month ago

U see why staying on a low is good ,, nobody big pass law and government, when they want to deal with you they will ,just yesterday he posted today he is reminded ,,may God help him ,,and may God show him mercy

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But I’ve never seen a senseless case yet so serious…… Initially wen it all began with d abuse y didn’t someone step aside amicably

LagosLast activity one month ago

Justice should be serve
Shey him Dey tell gistlover say him get videos as evidence 😂
Oya carry ur evidence go court with ur lawyer blessing CEO😂😂

LagosLast activity one month ago

lessingCEO racing towards her house 🏠 to goan set up her ring lights and brown curtains to address this matters arising 🚶🏿‍♂️

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Men,if you notice the early sign of a crazy woman,relocate immediately.get another apartment and take care of your family from afar.

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Your wife die horrible death them never burry ham you don dey do photo shot. Who you dey pepper ? Omo, una get mind oh. It's well..

LagosLast activity one month ago

Dude should stay away from social media, he always live his life for social media validation. He’s too grown for all his, a man with 6-7 kids. He should just law low from social media and stop shading his late wife’s family members . Anyone will be angry if they lost their siblings that way. And their union was so toxic.

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exactly. He is doing too much on SM especially for someone who just lost his wife. Seems more like he's always celebrating her death to me.

but is same social media u Dey show ur Brest so aren’t u living for social 😂

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He can actually be released before that adjournment.. The lawyers just need to file application bail before a high Court.

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Sometimes you guys should read to understand not to comment. It says a case of involuntary m@slaughter meaning there’s no provably intention from the defendant..

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educator, what it means is that it’s not premeditated, but he can still be guilty or culpable for his wife’ death. A guilty verdict will earn him 15/20 years in prison instead of life. He should not be allowed to go free in this instance and blessing ceo can pay him visits.

you too read what you wrote am sure you made a mistake

LagosLast activity one month ago

Thank God for Justice, judiciary try for this one but dem for add blessing join too ss

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