Deeper Life Church Founder, Pastor Kumuyi, Speaks Against Enforcing Women To Cover Their Hair Before Entering The Church, Saying Most Women Have Become Unattractive By Always Covering Their Hair.

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General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, has cautioned his church workers who send back a lady who wants to attend the church but has no scarf on. In a trending throwback video, the clergyman, citing 1 Cor 11:5 of the Holy Bible, which dwells on the covering of the head for the female gender, explained that women should have their heads covered while praying or prophesying. "Somebody is coming to our church for the first time. And she happens to be a lady not covering her head. We ask the person to cover her head before coming in. We don't know whether the person does not even know God. We confront her before she enters the church, and We don't know if she is born again or not. We don't know whether she does not know how to pray or prophesy, and we say stay there by the door. We delay her there, and we tell you must cover your head. Every woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head. And some people will not even allow those ladies to get saved to understand the word of God. Those ladies do not know how to pray. They are not prophesying. But we impose rules on her that she must have this "scarf" now. If I were the person, I would wonder what kind of church this is. If they treat me like a primary school girl, that will be my last time attending church." He also wondered why some sisters in the church would cover their heads for almost 20 hours a day, stating that many have made themselves unattractive to their spouses. "There are some women who are not attractive to their husbands. Some believe they are no longer obligated to look good before their husbands since they are married. Some single sisters are not presentable."

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Pastor Kumuyi has been trying lately to unfetter the members of his church from unnecessary dogma and traditions of men, which had made his congregation shrink and unappealing to the younger generation and, therefore, not have any future sustainability.

He is trying to untie them from dangerous beliefs that they had previously assumed were the manifestations of holiness but are mere human standards.

But in doing this, baba has sometimes got more people confused than before. In this case of women covering their heads in the church, it is clearly written in the scripture he quoted (1 Corinthians 11:5). So one wonders what exactly the trouble is if an usher demands that a woman cover her head at the entrance of the church.

Maybe prophecy is not general, given that prophecy is a gift for a select few, which makes it exclusive, but can anyone enter the church and not pray? The rest of the verses in the chapter explained the whole issue clearly (from 1 Corinthians 11:6).

Pastor Kumuyi should be careful in throwing his church into confusion. The younger generation he is trying to attract is even those who need biblical guidance from their entitlement tendencies. They should not be indulged in creating their own rules.

Baba should know that not everyone will be comfortable coming to church. There is nothing wrong with women covering their heads in the church. Christianity is by faith.

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Story for the gods

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I guess, just like business, churches/religions must adapt and change their doctrines to adjust to the prevailing societal demands; otherwise, they will die a natural death. Any company not altering with time and upgrading will die a natural death.

Most old churches are rigid with their traditions and doctrines and don't want to bend. My parent's church Apostolic, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, and co, are all struggling to hold down their youths to the new generational sweet and well-packaged churches.

Meanwhile, Mary- the mother of Jesus, dressed as such. Catholic nuns emulate her. What two sides of a coin!

Anyway, forget about the contradictions among today's pulpits, the vast confusion that snowballed into today's was among the four synoptic gospels.

They established Christendom after Jesus Christ, and they argued seriously among themselves. Thus, you can't find words like Bible, Christianity, Churches, and Sunday worship in the Bible.

The whole thing is flawed. If the church is not flawed and Bible is absolute, why change your doctrines about hair covering? I am waiting for the day catholic priests will be allowed to marry, and the whole Catholics will understand that religion is artificial and will change over time. 

But God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So we do not need an artificial fallible, changeable religion and churches to lead us to God. Let's go back to our traditional beliefs. That's the realist way to God!

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Kumuyi is not responsible for your frustration. Stop venting your rage on him. Why do you give political thieves in government your taxes? What has Nigeria done with your taxes?

You're not serious. We will continue to give our money to God. You give yours to alcoholism, womanizing, partying, and gambling. Leave us to spend our own money anyhow we choose. Shalom.

My dear, it is a circle of life. If you give the money to your pastor(cannot be God), your pastor will use it on alcoholism, womanizing, partying, and gambling. Ask prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin and Apostle Joshua Selman what they are doing with your money. Do you see your life?

Yeye dey smell. Zombie, you be.

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This video was trending on Twitter, and I needed to watch the full video. Thanks for posting this here. It is interesting to see churches changing their doctrines. I think they are losing out on the younger generations, and some changes need to be implemented ASAP. Christianity is not as strict as the Islamic religion, so Christian leaders think they can manipulate the bible and its doctrines as needed. The Church is now a scam and not authentic

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Actually,it's late already,changing the mentality of the members won't be easy at this point...hope they now watch TV and use perfumes? After deceiving people for many years...there is no heaven and there is no hell period. If una like make una still continue with am

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In this life ehn, try as much as possible to follow the leading of the spirit and not just what ‘man’ says because ‘man’ speaks from his own understanding but you might have a better understanding…I will boldly say that this is a very good example of ‘most’ of the writings in the Bible; they were man written according to their understanding! Be careful how you interpret and blindly follow them!

They attacked pastor Chris oyakhilome that he was promoting immoralities years ago by encouraging brethren not to cover hairs😂😂😂 now what’s happening???? They also accused him of Using Tabs and gadgets , that’s not a real Bible😂😂😂😂😂 now what’s happening???? De accused him of satanism by calling his television ministry a devil box 📦 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Now what’s happening????? Una for no change na. Una women go old begin grow pe*is bfr dem go marry!!!! Rubbish

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Even God accepts and welcomes the worse sinner, who are we then to drive people away because "We" consider them to be sinners?! This Christian race ehn! May God help us

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I keep saying Christians should study the Bible, know it very well, and then apply the Word. They should not wait till someone tells them what to do and conform to some religious molds. So long as you're in sync with the Holy Spirit. If you listen to churches' doctrines made by men, you will be forever tossed to and fro. Thank God for education and emancipation.

This man no talk all these one's when I dey younger ohhhh. I don't understand why the change in rules now. Na tie we been dey tie head as we small till we even begin dey develop mama iyabo for our edges. Our parents then on the other hand were overly strict deeper lifers that refused to conform to anything of the world. Papa, you better continue with those stringent rules ohhhh because I begin to vex being that you brainwashed many of our parents then. 

Nothing must change, sir. Do not try to tweak the doctrine you put in place all these years. Everyone must taste it. After all, that is the primary ticket to heaven, purity, and being a virtuous woman, which entails covering your head with a strong turban.... Stu[idity shall continue to rain in your church inshallah 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

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You don't know if she's frustrated and depressed and needs help, then you sent her away. Those who claim to be born again behave like sadists with no atom of love in them, they easily condemn others.

As a member of Deeperlife, I must say the major problem of our church is "overzealous workers/leaders". They don't understand convictions, and as such they tend to forcefully impose convictions on people.

These set of people misunderstand Pastor KUMUYI, misquote him and practise what he doesn't teach, thereby giving the church a bad reputation. From this video, Baba isn't saying it is right to pray without covering your hair. What he implied is personal conviction. He admonished workers and leaders to stop imposing convictions on people and hindering them from seeing the light of God's word.

Anything anyone wants to believe or practise should come from a place of personal conviction and not being coerced to do so.

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So after about 40 years of tight head covering by Deeper life ladies, Baba Kumuyi realized that the practice is unimportant and may even lead to head odor. Why did the holt spirit fail to reveal this to him for over 40 years?

Shepples are nothing but zombies, I swear. Their pastors tell them to turn left, turn right, sit down, stand up, jump up, make noise, shake hands, etc. They have no brain to analyze all these dogmatic doctrines and make their own decisions on their application, except their pastors say so. Las las, Una mumu go soon do.

Yesterday: Every woman must cover her head very well before entering the house of God.

Today: Story don change

Yesterday: Television belongs to the devil, don't watch it.

Today: Television is good for the Gospel.

Confused scammers.

You steal from the poor to build schools their children and grandchildren can not attend.

Pulpit bandit. Old liar. You made my grandmother give you 10 percent of her farm produce for nearly 20 years, only for you to use the money to build expensive secondary schools and universities and buy exotic cars.


If you call God "All-sufficient God" and believe he needs anybody to do anything for Him or he needs your money for anything whatsoever, then you need to check whether your brain cells are still alive.

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The light has started shining. You are 100% correct. The doctrine of yesterday has changed today. The television box is no more the devil's box but an agent of propagating the gospel. How time varies. I pity those that have destroyed their tv box before now.

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Ehennnn...this same Deeper Life! As I always say, know God and study the Word for yourself. Then, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will become a member of a Church that focuses on Christ, Love, and Sharing the Gospel, not one based on Rules and "Religiosity."

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They once criticized Christ Embassy, Winners and some other churches who allow women to attend church service without scarf, this is why I always tell people to read their Bible o for better understand and not all these ones that come and say my pastor say

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Hahahaha I can’t believe this 😂😂😂 this church really do me and my sisters 😂😂😂 you can’t wear earrings to church or not cover your hair then go say make you no enter church 😂😂😂 for those of us when them born inside deeper life church we understand 😂

After all these years! Glad he is clearing alot of things now. Just hope that some of his members that feels entitled and holier than him don't start revolting.

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They are woke now, thank God. I remember someone whose parents disowned because of these same rules and regulations, now they are changing it. Whether I cover hair or I don't, God still answers my prayers 🙏 ots one thing for you to know your redemptive right in christ then every other thing will fall in place

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Oga the house of God is the house of God. Make me as a man wear a cap into the house of God if that’s normal. How these animalistic pastors deviate from the doctrine of Christ just because they’re LOSING CUSTOMERS is appalling. Women cover their hair and men can’t wear caps 🧢 to the house of the Lord. Ah ah. It’s a body of holy ground and all policies should be adhered to. That’s why they say Muslims and Buddhists are the best religion ever.

YOU CANT WEAR SHOes 👞 👠 into mosque 🕌… God is God and his way of life that he’s made for us and his holy temple never changes. @officialwfkumuyi sh-*me in you o! Just because you don dey lose membership. Rules are rules, you can’t use your demonic modern-day practices to defile the house of the Lord, two hours of service you can go back to the world with your hair flying in the sky.

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In case u didn’t get it, he still is against women praying to God as believers without a scarf on, but church members should stop enforcing new dimmers to wear a scarf before entering the church for the first time until they have come to know the God they serve

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So what has changed? This was not his position many years ago. 🤦‍♂️

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Even the way deeper life women dress self can turn you off. Being a Christian shouldn’t limit you from looking beautiful. You fit cover everything and still go hellfire.

That’s why people should understand themselves in Christ if you are a sinner or a saint Christ loves you and he sees your heart not how you dress, to dress appropriately for church service is a must but don’t let any man tell you how to present yourself to God! Watch people that God is using, some do put on trousers, makeup, earrings, their heads uncovered, and some guys have big chains on their necks but God still use them, God looks on the heart while men look on the outward appearance.

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Okay??? Can we all just calm . Nothing is contradicting here o . Nothing is changed . It’s still the same only if you learn to listen well and comprehend… deeper life has always been allowed to have 📺 but not to watch immorality tv shows . They’ve been told times not to judge new comers based on their appearance especially in the aspect of 🧣. And the pastor still uses Bible to preach till date and not tabs pls … it’s not even welcomed in the church to use tabs as a member .. there’s still no jewelry, dancing or 🪘. Just hymns, songs and instruments 🎹. Still no immodest 👗 , still praying and asking for the will of God in marriage and 💯 marrying outside the church in as much as you both are believers … I don’t attend but nothings changed . People in the church can solely relate ….

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Dear believers in Christ, when reading your Bible, please ask the Holy Spirit for understanding. You can't use 1 Corinthians 11v5 without first using verse 4. Verse 4 is talking about men who pray and prophesies and verse 5 is talking about women who pray and prophesies too. Verse 15 is very interesting. Run from any church that doesn't teach the freedom in Christ, run for your life.

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We are getting there gradually. From no TV to live streaming and even owning a church channel. From always covering to saying let some people be even if they don't cover. Las las na God know who dey go heaven. This has really proven that the only constant thing is change.

That’s why it’s not good to judge people based on man made doctrine. The basic and foundational commandment is to Love GOD and Love your “neighbours”, if you live by this 2, you’d easily obey all 10 commandments, every other law is jara

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Change is indeed the only thing that is permanent, if una Sabi how many TV people break cos of their initial doctrine, abi na cloths wey people burn 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️... It's well

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