Dancer Korra Obidi's Former Husband Goes On A Date Night With A Nigerian Lady

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This girl fit dey part of those wey dey comment make korra leave the man that time 😂. Naija women no dey carry last. She too wan trend. She must trend na.

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Doc pls examine this your new patient well and I don't want to hear stories that touch again o this one wey be say na Naija babes, they use swear for you. my hand no dey am o we no get joy for nigga area o!

He is just using us Nigeria to be gaining more fans and more money and nothing more that's why he went to Nigerian girl. again. Nigerians are making him be earning more from social media. he is playing his game well. nonsense


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This isn't beef as I'm just been a realist here although I know the truth is bitter. Argue with your keyboard. This one too will end up like Korra. This guy is a piece of apologies. You've seen all the red flags in his marriage to Korra and you're still pitching your tent here?

A man that called his marriage quits to his wife after less than 2wks of childbirth is nothing but a demon. I'm surprised Korra is still mentally stable after that incident. That's enough to have taken Korra's life. I'm not interested in what Korra did but that singular action of Justin shows how horrible he is and he still comes to SM to claim he loves his girls despite treating Korra that way?

That said these whites seem to use all ye black babes, especially the Nigerian ones (this also applies to Nigerian guys) to get SM media attention and build their lives. You're all getting carried away by the skin color and think they're genuine and also the fact that you'll get your green cards?

You've all forgotten Tik tok, youtube pays heavily for their appearances on SM and because Nigerians are SM freaks, their bi racials are very popular back home. They use you and dump you like a piece of dirty black baggage they've pictured you in their heads like Dean just did to Korra. Now he is cruising SM and getting all that attention and money he wants by picking another victim of the same race to make tongues wag and make more money.

This guy is a very deep and tactical person. He had this all planned. He is the narcissist, not Korra. I fear men and whites even more. Korra thought she was smart as per the green card but Justin is far ahead of her. I fear these white people o. Forget their skin color. Another gang I fear is Ling and Lamb. I see Ling just enduring all Lamb's nonsense and his unending bossy and controlling nature because Ling is benefitting heavily from Lamb's popularity. All these biracial marriages and unions aren't genuine. Black people shine your eyes o.

Oyinbos aren't as nice as their skins people!!! Justin is a typical example!! Beyond these celebrities, I've seen lots of biracial marriages break after they get their US green cards and citizenship. It's just use and dump quick money strategy.

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This guy too like Naija women. He never learns a lesson lol. Happy for them. The girl is cute and they look good together. I hope the girl genuinely likes him though and not just trying to use him to get popular. I also hope they are not committing formication 😐

Dancer Korra Obidi's Former Husband Goes On A Date Night With A Nigerian Lady

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Nigerian girl Tokunbo listens. This guy started emotionally assaulting his wife just a few days abi na hours after the birth of their second child. This man is not a decent human being. He showed the world how fickle and mean he can be. Be very careful. If he could do that to Korra at her most vulnerable even with 2 children between them, know that you are not safe either. Such men never change and no woman can change them, if in doubt, ask FFK's many wives. A word is enough...


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The girl is pretty. My kind of girl. This is the kind of girl that man will see somewhere and approach for a meaningful relationship or even for marriage. Not an overweight yellow paw paw that thinks fat is good but slim, clean dark brown skin, natural eyebrows, eyelashes that don't look like they can sweep the floor, none of that blush, contour, and bronzer things that make the face have up to four different colors, no vulgar display of bress and yansh and a smile that does not look like the lips are laden with thick toothpaste.

And the horror of those gelled edges of lace wigs that look like badly-done tattoos. Any girl with those plasticky characteristics will be attracting the fuck boys that just want to fuck big yansh that many ladies are flaunting everywhere these days, but this is the kind of girl that you see and say to yourself -- I want to marry her.

This is why those vulgar-looking ladies that flaunt breasts everywhere cannot grow beyond side chick and keep on wondering why slim or average and ordinary-looking girls are the ones getting married each weekend. I had one girl that felt I owed her the world because of her big breast!

Something widely available in the market o! The weight and yansh will triple in size after childbirth and you will get mistaken for our mother when we are together. And no man wants to marry a woman who will become mammoth-sized after marriage and hang all sorts of weight-related issues down his neck.

Ladies kindly be checking your BMI. If it is over 25, you are exposing yourself to diseases like diabetes and high BP. But we see some slim ladies trying to add weight. Haba! Pity yourself.

You will be more marketable for marriage if that is what you want plus your body will be grateful for it cos you will fill out nicely after marriage while those that are currently flaunting yansh everywhere and glorying in fatness will be hitting the gym and surgery to be like you when they pack on the pounds

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Make una stop to dey post una relationships online, before the relationship go scatter again. Una no go hear 😂

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Good to see him move on with his life

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He should sha not do any nonsense Live video to rant later.. 😂😂😂

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Avoid narcissists generally. A narcissistic woman can easily turn your life upside down. They start to destroy your reputation before it starts. You’ll even contemplate suicide. Enjoy your life and look twice before you leap again. I wish you well.

I like his taste in women .slender, ebony beauties. Man is time to look for a women's value and virtue. Appearance na just for the packaging. Look for a woman wey go compliments u both in strength and weakness.


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This man is petty, it’s very obvious he wants to pepper Korra, if he wants to move on why not date his race or a black girl who is not a Nigerian, must it be a Nigerian girl? yeye man that is enjoying the attention he is getting from Nigerians,

A stupid man is now obsessed with Nigerians or maybe just to pepper his ex-wife.

Why a Nigerians tho? things men do get back to their ex just like FFK grabbed another Igbo lady after falling out with her ex-wife's precious

bewitching black/African women, another baby mama in the making… this’s how this white guy gave 800 Kenyan women aids in 4 months… black women have some decency

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