Can I Do A Customer Service Work Remotely From Nigeria

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Can I Do A Customer Service Work Remotely From Nigeria

Greetings to you all, Please I'll like to know if customer service job can be done remotely for firms in other countries from Nigeria. Looking at situation of things in the country, it is evident that one needs a side hustle to meet up with needs. A friend recently to me about this remote job stuff and I'm picking interest in it. I'm not into tech, but rather have been in customer service for years. All the remote jobs I'm seeing online are requesting the applicants to be residents of the country. That keeps me wondering if one can do this from Nigeria. Please your advice, suggestions and experience are highly needed here to guide me. Gracias..

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NigeriaLast activity one month ago

Technically yes .however from a security standpoint -Its a nightmare in Nigeria.

Basics are Strong Internet connection , Power Supply Reliable, Good Laptop i5/i7 with SSD and 8-16gb blah blah blah

But you are dealing with customer data -

- How are you accessing the data ? Thin or thick client access.

- How are you protecting the data ? These are very very important questions.

- Do you have a room you can secure and has dedicated Internet not wifi !. So basically an office. ( no background noises)

- How about physical security . If that Laptop is stolen - can you clean all the data remotely. So you need Intune to secure company data so that it is not shared or written down or screen captured.

- Set up Audit logs .

- Firewall - So that data packets in and out are secured and not sniffed by a hacker ( so dude here advertisers he's a hacker )

- VPN as well if required.

If there is an office where you badge in and out most of these are taken care of but from a home office  

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

Why? Let's look at the word CUSTOMER AND CARE!

Behind a customer, there is a brand and if the customer has purchased the brand, he may have questions, issues, complaints etc about the brand and he will contact the company to talk to them about his/her observations.

The person he is to talk to must be an employee who understands the brand, the demographics where the brand was produced and manufactured, factors that affect the brand etc.

Now there's no way the company will jump over the potential applicants in their country of origin and employ you remotely. There are some questions which you can't answer when thrown at you especially concerning demographics and they know this.

Summary: The answer is a big NO EXCEPT THE COMPANY HAS THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DIRECTLY HERE IN NIGERIA like for example: Google Nigeria, Samsung etc. Those ones go pay you in Naira and not that dollar you are fantasizing about.


2 months ago

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

when some of us in diaspora were complaining that yahoo boys must be arrested and prosecuted and that Nigerians must not elect corrupt leaders - and those who stole from the government must be prosecuted, imprisoned and made to pay restitution- some of us here will start playing the ethnic or religious cards - downplaying these things - no wahala, everything is coming together now to explain why these companies want you to reside in their country of operation to get the job because they do not want the information of their clients to be compromised and used for fraud - and if you do it while in their country- they know their justice system works and the justice system in Nigeria doesn’t work - so they can’t trust you to be ethical or professional

so when ever you see that yahoo boy shouting “dem get money?” or dancing to bugga after successfully defrauding a maga - know that guy and his fellow criminals are the very reason you can not get customer service jobs remotely from Nigeria - they have made you look like a thief before your prospective overseas employers even though you may not have stolen one kobo in your entire life

This is the result of failed leadership that we Nigerians glorify

when the companies won’t hire you remotely - they are not taking that decision because you are Hausa, Fulani, Igbo or Yoruba

They are taking that decision because you are a NIGERIAN! Thousands of average People in India, Philippines, Vietnam, even Jamaica make at least $500 which is N350,000 a month working customer service jobs for top US companies WHY NOT NIGERIA ?

because of our culture of wealth without work (WWW) everybody won hammer - so we abuse trust and punish our prospective helpers or business partners by defrauding them- this is why Nigeria can’t fully participate in globalization- we can’t simply be trusted - and CAPITALISM and the entire WESTERN WORLD thrives on trust

you order for something - you put your credit card info and you believe the goods will be delivered as when promised - ask your self, IF your own banks can steal your money with phony transactions by disappearing your account balance - how can foreign business trust you ?

Enough said, good luck to you!


2 months ago

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

See them. Lazy youth.

All they're good at is always finding the easier way out. They will never confront their problems. How many people of other countries are doing customer service job while living in another country?

You know Nigeria is your problem but instead of find ways to disintegrate it, take the bull by its horn once and for all, you will prefer to go to Ikeja Along and buy modem and fairly used laptop with cracked screen and search for remote jobs so that if some small dollars roll in, you can sit down by your window side and watch nigeria burn for all you care.

I know you have calculated the foreign exchange and you're already rubbing your hands and dreaming of how you can start to buga once the dollars roll in.

Na lie. Terrorists are now in Abuja and Ondo, Owo. Ebubeagu and herdsmen are in Lokpanta, Abia and Ihiala.

Anywhere you go na bandit and terrorist. IT IS REVOLUTION NOW! YOU MUST FIGHT IT. NO ESCAPE FOR YOU!

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Why not? In America when you call any customer service, the reps that pick the calls are always in a foreign country with strong accents.

American companies hire reps cheaper in foreign countries, train them on the product for about 2 to 3 months and then throw them to the wild customer service world.

Yes! its wild because every American that calls will first curse them out for their accents, lay more curse on them for not speaking good English, curse them out for speaking too slow or like a frog, curse the company for not hiring American reps and finally curse the heck out of the product they are calling about.

At the end of each work shifts, the calls reps only receive intense generational curses from the callers without solving any problem. 80% quit their jobs after 2 weeks for spiritual reasons because the curses are having effects on their lives.

One customer rep I know, a Nigerian actually cursed back in Yoruba one time and quit her job instantly.

Speaking from experience.

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LOL very true!

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Yes, one can do customer service remote work in Nigeria but you have to have strong internet connection, a good laptop, a good workplace and constant electricity plus a quiet home. That's the major requirement.

There are some that do not require you to be resident in that country. At best they ask that you have EXCELLENT written and spoken English - NO HEAVY ACCENT. Some would require you to be familiar with American English. So you know it is FAMILIARIZE not SE.

- You would also need uninterrupted power supply.

- A noise cancelling headset with microphone. Make them no hear “ekaro ologi de o” or “condemned iron…aluminium”

- Stable and backup internet connection.

- A quiet and proper workstation because your back go hear am.

- They pay entry level customer service $3/hr to $5/hr and you would work 40hrs a week or more.

- You should also be familiar with CRM and Ticketing tools. Mostly Zendesk and Freshdesk. They are things you can learn in a day on YouTube.

- For your portfolio, create a google slide of bespoke customer service responses to various situations. Mostly, DELAYED DELIVERY, MISSING ITEM, DAMAGED ITEM, REQUEST FOR REFUND…etc. These are the recurring issues in customer support for e-commerce and majority are e-commerce firms. Close it with your name. Make it look real and sell it as your sample responses while working in similar capacity for another client.

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Apologies for all the epistle without mentioning where these jobs can be gotten from. -Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn. There are more, but I don’t know them. These ones would link you to foreign clients. The competition is very stiff and they have a preference for freelancers from the Philippines. We would talk about this bias some other day. If you get one and they like your work ethics, they won’t let you go. That I am sure of.

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