Block The Roads Leading To The Airport, And When People Miss Their Flights And Take Their Anger On The Government, They Take NANS And ASUU Seriously!

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To start with, I am a full-blown Yoruba man, educated, well-traveled, and yes, I have met loads of folks from other tribes. When I hear from folks supporting BAT and Atiku, I ask them a straightforward question. What are they bringing on board? Just convince me. Trust me, Like or Dislike, I am careless, but as a patriotic Nigerian worried about the present state of the Nation and concerned about the coming generations, I have no choice but to embrace a man that seems to care about this country's growth. Not some old, wealthy men that the present authority seems unable to challenge their source of income. What does Atiku do for a living to warrant such Mammoth wealth? BAT nko? Oops! Suddenly he is not the owner of Oriental Hotel? TVC, Lekki Concession, and many more that the entire country knows belong to him? Obi appealed to me when I saw a video of him acknowledging how public funds are wasted on useless convoys in various governments. The billions were wasted on security votes, subsidies, the Office of the first lady, and more. I haven't heard any valuable thing from the other two candidates present. For one, I loath BAT simply bcos he introduced the campaign and convinced us back then to vote for Buhari. And when the Nation was shouting about how hard the various policies were hurting the economy, BAT never came out to speak up on our behalf. We that he convinced to vote this incompetent man that he should review certain decisions that he was no longer a military man but an elected public office holder. Atiku has never said anything since he lost in the last election. And now they are all out, knowing this administration is ending. Just ask them what their plan entails; Nothing! A fellow Yoruba man told me that any Yoruba man who doesn't support BAT is a bastard. I replied that he was the bastard for supporting a man already wealthy beyond the entire Nation. Ask him how much BAT spent at the party's presidential primaries to emerge the flag bearer. Atiku nko? Obi came out knowing he had nothing to lose and said I have no money to bring any delegates with so he left. PDP lost the best candidate to cash. Our problem in this country starts with unknown representatives who are only out to enrich themselves and sell their votes to the highest bidders. A man with good intentions will never show so much desperation in saying "emi lokan". What rubbish? Is the presidency now an inheritance? Atiku has continued to attempt to be the president since the era of Obasanjo. Go to page 37 of Obasanjo's book MY WATCH. Haba!! You want to hand over this country to folks that will further use it to enrich themselves, their families, and their few friends or vote for a man with real patriotic love for the country to recover. See, my take is to vote for anyone of your choice. We are all in this country together. Good or bad, hardship or a better life, we all suffer or enjoy it. Vote with sense. The world is watching. I repeat it, Like or dislike, I am careless. I will appreciate those with critical views of theirs as well. Not all folks with smartphones are smart.

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Right On! Exactly πŸ‘πŸΌ

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No free food anywhere. Go out and fight for your rights. So many estates on the Island have 24hrs power supply and Security because they can't fight for their rights. After all, they can come together and provide their freedoms for themselves, so if you can't fight for your rights, you either go become a slave in another man's right, or you bear your burden in peace.

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You and the so called youth have no sense at all. Should it be the citizen that wouldpay for this. Lawmakers are in Abuja, Senators are in Abuja. Am I the one behind your predicament why can't you go directly to the people holding your destiny. Some youth are senseless

Although, soon like in 2020, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will give Sanwoolu the order to massacre them ALL. That is his way. Selfish self serving pooing greedy jaguda jagaban. The olojukokoro of Nigeria. BLOODY GREEDY REAL LIFE BASTARD!

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