APC's Muslim-Muslim Ticket Is Wicked And Demonic - Former SGF, Babachir Lawal

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Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, says he will be working with former speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, against the Muslim-Muslim ticket of their party, APC. Speaking on AriseTV on Wednesday, September 21, Babachir said northern Christian politicians are determined to kill the same faith ticket of the APC. "The introduction of a Muslim-Muslim ticket by the APC or same faith ticket is a wicked plan to create divisions within the north further. We try as leaders of societies to living as brothers and sisters, but this demonic proposition just came out of the blues. This ticket must never succeed for all lovers of unity in this country, in the north in particular, where we are most affected. And we will make sure we defeat it in such a resounding manner that nobody in his right senses will ever think about it again, at least soon, for our political journey in Nigeria. So we are set on it and determined to kill it( Muslim-Muslim ticket). Our people are mobilized, and our people are ready for the election. Dogara alone and I aren't the only ones involved in this. Indeed, we are leaders of groups of about 40 leading Christian politicians in the north. We started work on this years back when we suspected that if a Muslim emerged from the south as the candidate for any of the political parties, there is a risk that what has happened will happen. So, while we plan that the same faith ticket of APC should fail, we also believe that we should align with one of the leading political parties with the chance of winning. Our strategy is not just to waste our vote because we want to protest the same faith ticket of APC. We want to partner with another group that is more sensible of the Nigerian situation and realize that Nigeria needs harmony, unity, and peace."

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But we have 17 Governors in the Southern part of Nigeria and all of them are Christians and some of them with a Christian deputy is that not Demonic??, which mean No MUSLIM Governor in the whole Southern Region of the Country, where is Mr. Babachir Lawal to speak for Southern Muslims ??? But the truth is that this Mr. Babachir Lawal was one of those that recommended Kasim Shetima as one of the running mate for BAT??

Why didn’t he raise alarm and speak again it before confined by BAT, Nigerian politicians always like to ride on the emotion of the people to fight their own W@r for them. Why the noise when we have many other presidential candidates like Atiku, Obi, Sowore and others, abeg stop all the noise and go for any candidate you believe in. God Bless Nigeria 🇳🇬.

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You’ve spoken well. Bearing in mind how religious sensitive Nigerians are, the ruling parties should have done better for balance and equity


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yes, which is why we have other candidates, if anyone is not representing our interests, we are free to choose another one, no need to set the country on fire. Nigeria politicians are desperate ALL OF THEM.

are those states Muslim dominated? How many northern states have a Christian governor?

That’s not the case here! This is a federal case and Muslim Muslims or Christian Christian should never be encouraged.


3 days ago

then where is the main development that reaches the happen, at the federal or state level??? Meanwhile in the north at least there are at least 2 Governors that are Christians, Also we have a Pastor as the VP right now, what impact has he made rather than sharing money to market men and women??? We need to think beyond religion in order to progress in Nigeria. No country on earth with religious sentiments ever progresses.


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The north wants only one thing… that a northern Muslim emerges, either shettima with the hope that tinuku will die soon or Atiku… whichever , they hv nothing to loose… that’s why the Christian’s in the north should wise up and vote for Peter obi of labor party… as for the south I don’t even expect anybody to be talking about apc and pdp, bt again do we ever hv one agenda in the south? Where u keep some Yoruba ppl? It is well

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APC and lies 5&6 and some mumu still want vote them because of tribalism religion or small chops.

2023 is the final opportunity for Nigeria to be a great nation again , please let's all vote wisely, we can't keep suffering , even if we don't live in Nigeria , we still have family, friends, relatives that needs good life and security..

Truth be told. If you have stayed In the north, you will know that Muslim Muslim ticket is a no no . Yes there are a lot of good ppl among them. (More than a lot o) but for the sake of sanity , we need check and balances. Muslim- Christian is best

If only we can use this opportunity wisely because the plan of this northanars if e work for then Nigeria is doomed no cap .. pray we fight This and put a better leader tomorrow

may God bless the next president of Nigerian 🙏🙏

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There are Millions of Christians from the north.. Please, Peter Obi Will need your block votes..South East and South South is already secured.. Tinubu, Atiku and Kwankwaso can fight for the remaining votes in the north..

APC same faith ticket is evil and should be rejected by every well meaning Nigerian…TINUBU is a placeholder for SHETTIMA and SHETTIMA might even appoint a northern Muslim as his VP if we don’t reject this evil now ,it will destroy us ..the SHETTIMA is even saying only a brutal leader succeeds hence his reckless acts

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Na man you be. GOD bless you for speaking up. Their plan is to turn the country to an Islamic nation and me all Christians and non fulanis their slaves. But GOD pass them. Nigerians should wake up, the time is now. It shouldn't be business as usual. They succeeded in imposing a fake buhari on Nigerians after the real buhari died in 2017.

I am yet to see any Government official from Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria to debunk this as a rumour if it is not true. Queen died it is Osibanjo that was invited for the burial because UK knows that buhari is dead and they don't want an imposter to come for their Queen's burial because it will be an insult to the late Queen. So Osibanjo has to go and represent Nigeria when other world leaders na their president go in person. And Nigeria has to send the vice president because that man in Aso rock is not buhari. Make everyone wise up the time is now or never.

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How can a person in his right senses choose to contest an election 🗳 with same faith ticket 🎫 in a country where there are a thousand and one religion, and over 200 million people from different backgrounds and ethnicity? If there are no hidden agenda behind it? that ticket and purpose has been doomed even before the plan was hatched 🐣,Nigeria 🇳🇬 belongs to everyone no matter the tribe or religion,and who ever that has the good interests of all Nigeria 🇳🇬 at heart ❤️ will have to carry all of us along.😍

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There are many challenges for APC. Apart from the same faith ticket, Tinubu is not mentally and physically healthy to lead a nation, any nation. As a health practitioner, I discern he has early signs of dementia: distorted speech, memory loss, unsteady gait, and shuffles his walk. How can you have a President that’s manifestly unfit for the position such that a Boko Haram sympathizer is the de facto President from day one?

The Indigenous Hausas are going through alot. Now the tribe is facing off, we only hear of Fulani. May this wicked proposition never succeed in our nation.

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as for hearing of Fulanis more, it is because of marriage. Hausas marry more fulanis than hausas.

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His playing on ur heads with the religious card. He is supporting Atiku. He sees nothing bad in anoda Fulani muslim replacing anoda one after 8years. But a southern Muslim coming in. Anything south is good for me. Be it traditionalist. I don't care.

This man has collected money from Atiku, hatchets Job. Are you a true Christians and did you demonstrated that when you was in power. EFCC will soon visit you . Condemning APC don't suppose to come from you though I'm 100% Obidient.

The APC has done nothing made the lives of Nigerians miserable, but some people are still believing that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the man to liberate the country; Same person who championed the APC & will likely continue from where Buhari stops? How gullible can some of u be? Tueh.

Youths are campaigning for Asiwaju Tinubu with a smiling face, but these are the same youths that are struggl!ng to make ends meet, & echoed "Soro Soke" some months back while calling out the APC govt; Now they're joyfully celebrating Tinubu's candidacy. We have a big problem.

It a shame! I watched one of this useless muslim cleric saying the christians in the north are infidel and should never be considered, in a so call one Nigeria that why they would rather have their daughters dead than marrying a Christian

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Exactly, ride on sir, Please stand on your word don't allow APC to buy you with money n later now you change your mouth, let's join hands to take back our country from evil politicians. God bless you this man. That same faith ticket will never see the light of the day. It must be extinguished by 2023 so that no one will think about such in the future

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