Abuja Professor Denies Ordering The Attack Of Her Female Police Orderly And Shares Her Side Of The Narrative.

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Lawyer and human rights activist, Professor Zainab Duke Abiola, has renounced summoning the invasion of her female police orderly, Inspector Teju Moses, after refusing to do some household tasks she designated. In a statement released on her behalf by the Afro-European Lawyers League, the Abuja-based Professor revealed that she is the Chief Legal Consultant to the Nigerian Police and has her office at the Force headquarters, Abuja. Zainab alleged that she rejected the police officer assigned to her after discovering she was among the perpetrators of Violence against innocent Nigerian Citizens during the END SARS imbroglio. She said after the rejection, the police officer returned with a vengeful motive at night, banging on her gate with some dangerous weapons, including a gun threatening to kill everybody in the compound. There were claims that the police orderly assaulted the Professor's household members. Calls were made to sack the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba Usman, who they accused of violating the Professor's human rights. The statement read; "Our attention has been drawn to a fallacious malicious, defamatory publication against our respected Alumnus of the National Institute of Policy and Security Studies, NIPPS, Professor Zainab Duke Mni, alleging assault on one of Her police Orderlies. We categorically state that this is NOT true, and Nothing could be further from the truth. For the records, our respected revered Professor Zainab has Never assaulted anybody anywhere at any time. It is not in her character. "The facts are 1. On the 20th of April 2022, the IGP approved the revalidation and deployment of police Orderlies to our leader because she is the Chief Legal Consultant to the Nigerian Police and has her office at the Force headquarters, Abuja. "2. The police consequently assigned a female police officer who was among the perpetrators of Violence against innocent Nigerian Citizens during the END SARS imbroglio."

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is that likely that a civilian? who the Nigeria Police Force itself appointed as their legal consultant .. and is infact the Chief Legal Consultant to the Nigeria Police Force .. can attack a Police Officer ? this thing seems to be a serious matter. the things been mentioned here are not ordinary .. End-Sars .. a Professor .. Chief Legal Consultant .. a female Police Officer .. etc. if it is possible this thing should be handled very carefully and investigated very well so as to know what actually happened. going by the way Nigeria has been experiencing many things for some time now, everybody should be very careful and very vigilant nowadays.

Madam professor your story is not true. We may be poor but we are not dump, May God reward you. Wicked soul.

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Offcourse without even going to Court, the Abuja based professor is Guilty, Cos Most top Gov officials abuse these security personnel, bcos of Money, Most times poor management of the Nigerian police force

You get office for police headquarters..you’re police advocate..inspector go get mind come assault people for your house..no be say the inspector no know you…big lie.

I don’t care if she’s among or not, the constitution that says, any citizen that assault a uniform personnel or military personnel must not go unpunished must definitely be use on this particular case …

Where did the ENDSARS came from at 2022? am a Lawyer by profession, this lawyers are just joking, let the case begin and let’s see the evidence of the female police 👮‍♀️ orderly assaulting the innocent citizens during that ENDSARS period, the onus of proof lies on these lawyers, your madam is sending a uniform woman house chores? for what????? Is that her office schedule of duties????? You all better present a better argument or else, I just see Professor facing huge jail terms on the consequences of her actions. This is how they all misuse their offices and power in Nigeria.

The administration of Justice in Nigeria will continue to be a joke until lying under oath becomes a crime punishable by imprisonment. Fear Nigeria and Nigerians hmmmmm see scop abeg leave endears ooo wetin you do madame during endears did we hear your voice ?? Where you with the citizens who cried out for justice ? Abeg leave end sars abeg e no go work

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Police Don really fall their hand for this country. Imagine. a police office should do house chores??? Wetin happen to your children ? Their hand break niiii? Chaiiiiii. There was ones a country. Smh

See how stewpid that professor's story sounds. You rejected an orderly and she came with a gun to kill people. I'm not surprised,a lot of professors are daft,just like the ones they use during elections.

Can you Nigerian police force stop assigning orderly to civilians if they want protection they should go hire security bouncers this is why I love England Agbero get orderly thief get orderly land grabbers get orderly yahoo boy get orderly , ritualist get orderly assassins get orderly I fear Nigeria

Wetin concern endsars and your bad deeds? Madam carry your cross. You Don fvck up and know this reach the internet.. U come they bring endsars matter. You think we will fall for this cheap stunt huh. Except the gullible ones tho. W!cket woman.

Make una dey oppress the poor dey use lawyer dey back up you here? Na God go judge all of una ... You for include peter obi for #president2023 to get our sympathy!👏👏👏

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This professor story is baseless . U refuse her cuss she was part of end Sars 😂😂😂 , then she came back with vengeance 😂😂😂naaa try something else this ain’t working

She’s stylishly trying to emotionally get the youth attention knowing how powerful the youths are now via social media. She glamouring for wide support, hence the Endsars inclusive in her statement 😂😂😂

I don't believe this professor. Most of our police are mannerless but this woman is using power and endsars narrative to gain public sympathy. Has she been vocal about ENDSARS?

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Of course the rich will always get away frame the poor and make them look guilty no be today e start watching the main video that woman doesn’t look like someone who can threaten anybody.

Did she add end sars to get our sympathy? 😂😂😂 We're more intelligent than all these written here. Anyway that's una business.

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how do you know what I was thinking 💭 mad country! mad leader!! They will cover it up. those people that wrote the letter are not smart at all. Imagine them bringing endsars into the story. Nonsense

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Ice Prince assaulted a police officer, Buju & some public figures have reportedly done same; That's violent felony but Nigerian celebs be feeling untouchable cos they barely face the consequences of their actions. The court should normalise jailing or imprisoning these celebs.

She added end sars so the youths will get her sympathy lol , lies and false story , very clear she’s lying , the lady take Igbo & shayo where she just wake up one day and decide to come kill all of una 😂, because you have money and power and believe you can deal with anyone even the government police , call that your IGP wife or whoever you said was your friend and nothing will happen as stated..

I don't believe one word of her explanation. Totally nonsense. Trying to whip up sentiment with the mention of end sars. Rubbish. The Police, they are one and the same anyway. Animals in human skin.

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Normally I nor Dey ever Dey believe police story before because them Dey arrest innocent people regularly and them go start to accuse you of wetin you nor really do ..some of them go even put duplicates for your car or house just to frame you.. na now we suppose take actions for all this bad policing them.

This look like a cover story. How did she just find out she was part of the endsars brouhaha? Using endsars to gain the public sympathy. The story no clear abeg!

Nigerians are not stupid madam. Don't play the EndSars card, and other cock and bull story. You are guilty of Assault and causing injury to a Peace Officer. She’s stylishly trying to emotionally get the youth attention knowing how powerful the youths are now via social media. She glamouring for wide support, hence the Endsars inclusive in her statement 😂😂😂

My own question is even if I was to go with this story it doesn't explain anywhere how, when or why that female officer has blood dripping from her face. Did she hit herself on the face or what? I don't understand. This professor better hires Johnnie Cochran or Robert Kardashian if not I don't see her winning this case

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