27-year-old Ibrahim Bello Mohammad (IBM) Is About To Become Nigeria's Most Youthful And Youngest Lawmaker.

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Does anyone know of him? What are his credentials? Did Nepotism make this happen for him? Is he one of those that will bring Nigeria forward?

Edit: Ahh, he is the son of the former chairman of PDP. So more of the same bullshyte. Which way, Nigeria!

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Damn at this point it’s just a monarchy. Even places like Britain knew to put such Royal families out of power, but here it’s embedded into our “pseudo-democracy. “

The boy replaces the elder brother. Na he brother won the ticket but later passed on


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IBM We’re a country obsessed with abbreviations.

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INEC NEPA IPO OCAA NDP PDP APC bleep… We put more confidence in these letters than in the establishments they symbolize

International Business Machines😂😂😂

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Good, the old generation will be swept away in good time

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He may be steered in by the old to preserve the status quo. The old you're referring to used to be immature people like this gentleman.

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What’s this matter? Does he have an exemplary Track record? Is he actively championing policies to our collective benefit? Or is he just another tadpole eternalizing the ills of this cesspool of a nation we’re in?

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27? Did he at one time try to be in Golden Eaglets?

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Hmmm it’s giving football age, he looks 32

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He looks like Nigeria's next mistake

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