2023 Presidency Is Not A Regional Issue. Igbos Should Wait Till Next Time - Orji Uzor Kalu

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2023 Presidency Is Not A Regional Issue. Igbos Should Wait Till Next Time - Orji Uzor Kalu

Chief Whip of the Senate, Orji Uzor Kalu, has said that Igbos should sit out the 2023 presidential election and wait for another election year. 


Briefing journalists at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja on Tuesday, September 20, Kalu said the presidency is not a regional issue and will be won with the approval of other geo-political zones.

“Presidency is not a regional issue. I asked the political parties to zone the presidency to the South East. When they didn’t do that, and since the presidency is not a regional issue, I had to withdraw.

“I have no problem with Igbo man being president. But we have to do it with other Nigerians. If we don’t do it with other Nigerians, it is not going to work, no matter how popular you are. It’s president of Nigeria, not president of Igboland.

“I’m an Igbo man to the core. I’m also a Nigerian to the core. If anyone from the Southeast would have been nominated for presidency, I would have been the one. So, it’s a party business. I have no grudges against anybody who is running.

“So, it is not personal. It is political and party. This thing is about party winning elections. I have chosen to be in APC. Why will I vote against Tinubu? It’s madness, and I’m not going to do it. Elections go along party line, not along tribal line.

“For me, we will wait for another time and see how all Nigerians will agree to zone the presidency to the Igboland. But for now, our presidential candidate is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Tinubu is a strategic leader, he will make his presidency beneficial to the Igbo. The Igbo will be the biggest beneficiaries of Tinubu’s presidency.”

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Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Another anu-ofia talking...Igbos should wait for who? Tinubu and Atiku? It would help if you had your brain for rest. What on earth makes tinubu or Atiku more competent than obi? Orji Kalu is the one doing the ethnic card. Imagine, he should be the one if anyone is to be nominated from the Igbos? Wake up from your dream. Nigeria is moving fast with or without you, Mr Orji Kalu, with obi on the driver's seat. Wake up!

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6 months ago

Igbos should also please abuse all their elders and political gladiators in PDP pushing for Atiku. Not one single Igbo political gladiator in Pdp is with Peter OBI. APC does not give a bleep about you bastards. Bcos you bastards are just envious bastards. If tinuhu had chosen the pope, Igbos would still hate him. Bcos Igbos are jealous bastards

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

An idiot has spoken. You are one of the Igbo's problems. For your information, Fulani can not zone president to south East, or are you not seeing another Fulani in the raise wait until they give it to you as a beggar even if they zone it? You are the candidate I will not vote for you. Instead, I vote for any Fulani contesting against you.

Better b quiet and thought to b a fool than open your gutter and remove all doubts. It is not about an Igbo man but credibility and competence. If it were you or Rochas, nobody would have bothered to campaign freely for you. In the History of Nigeria's politics, only MKO Abiola and this Peter Obi have had this mass support irrespective of tribe. Go and verify..

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Who is he that speaketh and it comes to pass when God has not spoken, Kalu it is not by Igbos? The only competent candidate among the three majors is obi. In case your witch mother has promised you Presidency in Nigeria, let me remind you that the earth is the Lord and its fullness and all that dwell in it, Nigeria included, it is God that has the final say.

"If anyone from the South East would have been nominated for president, I would have been the one." That's the problem! Because you were not nominated, no one should be there. Agreed that the presidency is a national project, "we" the people have decided to vote for HE Peter Obi. We are from all ethnic nationalities, religions, ages, and works of life. "We want our country back. You're begging us to vote for you, yet you look down on us. Be ready for a shocker.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Hmm! See the kind of people that keeps destroying Nigeria. I have nothing against Tinubu, but he has made becoming Nigeria's next President a do-or-die affair, which isn't supposed to be. He's supposed to be a mentor to younger candidates and not a candidate himself. 

Most politicians don't care about the masses simply because they have nothing to lose. Their family members are well taken care of and already have their futures secured. Now let's look at the masses. Most can't even afford to send their kids to public schools, not to talk of private schools, how many can afford medical care, yet these politicians can fly their families out for quality medical treatments. 

A good example is that of the former senate President. These politicians and their families go around with armed escorts day and night. Can the ordinary person afford that? How many people can afford 3 square meals daily in Nigeria? Fellow Nigerians, compare your lifestyle to that of these politicians and their families to yours. In what way have you benefited? If you've helped in any way, May the only people who benefit from them are their closest allies! Let's try a new and fresh party with a new candidate instead APC or PDP, these two parties have failed woefully over and over again, and nothing new has ever come out from them. Hopefully, we will get it right come 2023.


6 months ago

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Tinubu is the next president of Nigeria 🇳🇬. Igbos hated AWOLOWO, the visionary and saint. So anything Igbos say about the Jagaban is BULLshyte. And we will treat your bleepups later—envious bastards. Igbos love Mazi Kanu and obey all his orders, even to the point of Mazi Kanu calling for the attack and assassination of a Yoruba gov. Yet Igbos do not see that. But they preach to us that Jagaban is terrible, but their bastard is good. You must be delusional bastards, TRULY!


6 months ago

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

As Atiku's Vice President in the Picture below, Peter Obi describes the situation more than any word can. In 2019, Peter Obi deputized Atiku Abubakar, PDP's presidential candidate, today.

2023 Presidency Is Not A Regional Issue. Igbos Should Wait Till Next Time - Orji Uzor Kalu

He went to the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT, telling Nigerians that cared to listen that he was Atiku's follower because Atiku was the most competent to move the country forward.

Peter Obi, who was Atiku's right-hand man in 2019, is contesting against the same Atiku in 2022 because of internal party politics. In 2019, the two biggest parties in Africa - APC and PDP, agreed that their candidates should come from the Northern Part of the country.

Obi had to support the PDP's flag bearer from the North, and Tinubu was left with no option but to support his party's (APC) candidate from the North.

As of January 2022, both Parties (PDP and APC) agreed that their candidates should come from the Southern Part of the country. Atiku was still in Dubai. It is basic knowledge that the southern part of the country that supports APC is the South West while the South-South and South East are PDP.

APC delegates returned:

Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, and Yemi Osinbajo (all from the Southern Part of the country) as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. APC kept its promise.

Towards the end of May 2022, PDP delegates returned a Northerner, Atiku Abubakar, as their candidate. Peter Obi left PDP in May 2022, the week the primaries were to be conducted, because PDP did not keep its promise.

PDP treated those from the South East badly because they deserved the ticket. Fvck the "good man" propaganda, as of May 15th, 2022, Peter Obi was visiting PDP big wigs across the country to consult for his primaries.

Igbos are a major ethnic group in the country. Igbos deserve to rule Nigeria. The last time South Easterners led the country, Peter Obi was just 5. The ordinary consciousness of not getting that topmost seat of power creates consciousness in an average Easterner.

The problem is that they hate APC instead of PDP, and if they were not to vote for Labour Party today, they'd throw their votes for PDP.

APC is honest! APC gave their first to the North West. Then to the South West.

If APC retains power: The next will be to the North East. Then to the South East (if they play their cards well).


6 months ago

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

In one of my articles, I told my Igbo brothers how bad our mistakes were. They imposed restrictions on sit-at-home and violence in Igbo land to seek equity and fairness for Igbo people. Our problem is looking us in the face. With people like Orji Kalu, Omaha, and hope uzodinmma, our past senate rep who never believed Igbos deserved something good. 

Igbos will never get anything good from FG. If you march to their houses, hold them accountable and possibly make some Igbo land hot for them, they will release what belongs to us. Its an in-house rat that invites the outside rat to eat the fish in the house. They will never repent.

This piece is for those looking for the truth and realistic predictions. Without ambiguity, it needs to be stated that Orji Kalu was rubbish as gov of Abia for two terms. He's still rubbish as a representative of his people in the Senate. A man whose long throat determines his integrity is easy to profile. He started the regime of wholesale thievery in Abia state, and his successors have continued apace. I wonder why Abians allow pickpockets and thieves to govern them at every election circle. 

All critics of govt have fled to Lagos and Abuja. Those remaining are silent and fully compliant with all the mess, including IPOB, ESN, UGM, etc. It's a thing of eternal shame that Abia state is yet to finish building its State House after 31 years! Ebonyi was taken out of Abia but is today far better in all areas of governance than its senior. 

As for Obidient, I'm not a fan because Peter Obi isn't the messiah. He lies effortlessly, crams, and delivers extempore outdated China stats. He's part of the Establishment and was until recently a staunch member of the PDP. His political father is Atiku. He's an unrepentant importer of useless goods but wants to provide jobs for the youths after winning. His profile has been further tainted because of IPOB miscreants. He's terrified of them. These marauders have taken a short break from Biafran agitation and will surely go back with ferocity after Feb 2023. 

These misfits are great at insulting other tribes and don't believe in intertribal alliances. Obedience is being childish by dreaming of Obi's Presidency. It will not happen because the onus for gaining the keys to Aso Villa isn't within his grasp. Igbo are rooting for Obi but miss the most crucial point: they'd need voters from the other five regions to install their son. This is impossible now, and that's why discerning political analysts are being realistic. Obi needs to win in 24 states and four out of six regions. Forget the social media hysteria. Obi is merely catching a cruise with his followers. Orji Kanu may be rubbish, but he's trying to curb Igbo enthusiasm by being practical.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago


Orji Uzor Kalu is a diabolical and disgusting hypocrite, imbecile, TRAITOR, and saboteur. The rotten rogue is a hired stooge of Bola Tinubu, and anyone fills his bank account with millions of American dollars. He is utterly clueless, inept, incompetent, CORRUPT, disgusting, and useless. He is part of the criminals that destroyed the South East and prevented the progress of the South East.

He knows that the more Nigeria's progress is held back, the more money he and corrupt groups make. He is not for the advancement of Nigeria, and He is a poodle of the colonialists and imperialists. His foreign handlers ensure that he can be permanently locked up with no amount of money he steals from Nigeria. He is HUNGRY FOR MONEY and afraid of REVOLUTION. He's so hungry for money that he can even use his mother for money—Karma, lightning, Sango, and Amadioha fire Orji Uzor Kalu.

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Why are you guys annoyed with his opinion like you don't understand what is going on? This is the class of people Obi govt will work against the there nefarious and illicit activity. If it's, you will keep quiet, thinking if obi comes in, I may go to jail a second time.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Sir, they don't know this. Even our great Azikiwe aligned with other regions before the election of 1966, before some unpatriotic elements decided to take us to the sorry state we are today. The presidency is not a regional thing. You need every region before you can succeed in winning an election. Candidates are for all Nigerians, not a particular region, so I see no reason some people will be attacking orji uzor kalu for telling the truth. If I were to be a specific candidate enjoying regional support, I would ignore that action and try to bring everyone on board. People with electoral value, unlike someone who sold his mandate in Kaduna north, where he contested under CPC and decided to do otherwise.

Peter ObiLast activity 6 months ago

Ladies and gents, IBB's illegitimate diluted bloodline has spoken.is funny that every day we are faced with reasons why nigga area shouldn't exist. It was oshomoron now is this Fulani asslicker. Hate everything about Nigeria. A country over 112years still has no tangible technological and human development, and some are still hoping for a better Nigeria. The better Nigeria, some of us, are looking for is in the past. Nigeria is retrogressive in every sense. If peter obi can't change the constitution, which will mean he can't change the system, which also means we will be suffering and smiling in our one Nigeria ordeal. Have fun voting .mind you counting the votes is the actual election, not the ballot.

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