11 Year Old Kid Is An Art Prodigy

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He's 16 years old now and goes to Ayowole Academy of Art. His artwork is literally sold around the world. It's not a scam as some morons are claiming. 🙄 The kid is a talented artist, so give him some credit.

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The picture we see of the woman with water on her face and the boy with a spoon are painstakingly drawn from a photo, but we see him drawing from life, which might have made some suspicious. Also, people like to tear others down for being good.

Even so, he draws like he knows exactly what he's doing like I've seen people his age often draw, loosely sketching it out, finding the shapes of the head roughly before going in with blocks of tone. I can believe he's a prodigy.

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Same thing. Impressive but boring. And it’s always some soaking wet subject matter. It’s an incredible display of skill, and this guy has a good grasp of composition and lighting, More so than the usual hyperrealism artist. I just prefer more expressive art.

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I knew a girl who drew like this growing up but with animals as a subject. It always amazed me, and librarians would hang up her artwork around our elementary school's library. She never went on to do anything with it and is now a first-generation farmer. Somewhat weird and always made me wonder why. She did it for fun when she was a kid, and she could have been a prodigy like this kid. Oh well.

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This is insane. Most people will practice their entire lives and not reach the same level this kid got. I believe that some humans have some pre-disposition towards some skills, to learn faster, to do better, and to go beyond. This is impressive.

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