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Of the many gimmicks of winning an election, this administration has successfully employed the gimmick of impoverishing its citizens just to score another goal of infiltrating voters with cash through the well-known method of vote buying.


I'm not expecting something different in 2023, even with the wide clamour to get our PVC.

 The bitter truth is that poverty is in the land.

Gas, diesel, fuel, foodstuffs, all household commodities have gone up.


Even getting a bank loan for manufacturers comes with a higher interest rate.


So if living for an average citizen was subjected to living below the minimum standard, now it's been relegated to a miserable state.


So it's a game of highest bidder on the part of our politicians, while the average voter is perplexed about whether to vote for this, that, or a choice candidate. Nevertheless, the voters' choice candidate may be confused as a loss in the present miserable state.

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