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Precisely what the junior officers are passing through in paramilitary parastatals in Nigeria. They are minimal compared to what their senior officers are doing them, yet they kept mute because of fear of possible sack or query. Junior officers in Nigeria are bullied daily. JUSTICE FOR THEM.

Everything about Nigeria is fake. The same professor who runs an NGO for the protection of human rights abuses is the one calling more hands to join her in abusing the right of somebody!

Imagine then what ordinary maids must have been suffering in her house. You might see maids tied behind her compound or under her bed if you check her home. Please check well and free them.

Human rights activist is just like an acquired title in Nigeria. The compassion is never there. I pray she gets what she deserves.

Who served her malt and water? Police attached to a useless Professor.....UAR united

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Certainly, not everything in Nigeria is fake. However, we must admit that this generation has lost the virtue of honesty that was prevalent in the past. Really sad. May we experience a genuine revival of Godly virtues in Nigeria. Amen

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