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When relocating abroad .surround yourself with positive minded people that will boost your morale in believing in yourself that you can build a professional career and excel not those that will say just do any job to survive .some ppl end up doing jobs like care jobs ,factory &security jobs and say afterall they can still earn good money and pay bills but with time those jobs affect their self esteem and morale and they are unhappy bcs no joy in the kind of jobs they are doing and no inner job satisfaction.Cut off from negative ppl that will tell you it’s hard to get a professional job abroad .

From my day 1 of relocating abroad ,with my very 1st job ,I applied straight into my finance profession field and got a job and I have been advancing.There were hard times i was faced with racism and that’s normal being the only black in my team but my first victory is believing in myself that they are not better than me and I can excel and of course it’s been the gracev&favour of God for me. .so many Nigerians are doing very good professional jobs abroad and also so many Nigerians with masters degree are doing cleaning jobs too . They both earn money but not thesame level and inner you start goes a long way

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