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I pray your daughters don't marry a man they can't tell to buy bread on his way home.

Times have changed. Gone are the days when women do the entire domestic work without help from their husbands. Secondly, oga OP, when you marry your wife, feel free to kick her out if she seeks your assistance with house chores but learn to respect boundaries and leave your brother's family alone.

My wife and I live alone with our set of twins (7 months old), with no maid or relative staying with us. We do domestic work together, and I even go to the market alone. Would you have been angry and concluded that my wife is using me if you were my brother?

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Calling a man to buy bread on his way home is not the same as giving a tray of beans to pick in front of his friends to pick. Get the debate right,

When we are alone, anything goes, but when 3rd parties or guests are around, I don't expect my woman to tell me to go n check beans on the fire. This is Naija, and Americans are living the only lifestyle they know. Our story is different.


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Ah. So what if the guy carries the tray of beans to pick in front of his friends? Or he decides to help his wife cut vegetables while she is cooking for his friends. There's nothing wrong with that one because she's not "sending him on an errand," abi?

Even in this same Naija, I've seen very unconventional happy marriages. What is killing us in this country is thinking the same rule works for everyone.

I've seen a home where a woman is a breadwinner, and she's humble, and you'd never know. I've seen a home where the man goes to the market cause his wife hates it.

I've seen a home where the man washes and irons his clothes and his wife's cause she hates laundry.

I've seen a marriage where the mother cannot cook. The father does the cooking while the mother goes to the market. These people are now grandparents. This same "respect" wey una dey drag, e dey some marriage wey scatter last last.

If I marry a man wey be my friend, why I no go fit send am, why e no go fit send me, e get wetin I no go fit do for am, e get wetin e no spos fit do for me?

Ten years from now, many of them go dey their second or third marriage. No be a dictatorship, na partnership.

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