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Your Brother he haff chop a vegetable or EFO RIRO.

On a serious note, it is purely abnormal. I am contributing to this topic because an older woman living in my compound upstairs warned me to stop my wife from relating with a particular neighbor. Her reason was for a similar thing like this. Mama is nearly 90yrs.

This woman does nothing at home. The man takes the children to school and goes to pick them up. This madam is friends with all the shop owners in the vicinity. I have seen her taking their gas cooker to assist other women in cooking meals.

Just when I returned to pick up an item at home about 40 mins ago, her husband arrived with the children from school. Pepper, ewedu, tomatoes, and fufu were some things I saw in his hands. He drives for a pure water company.

Guess what? Madam was in somebody's shop gossiping again. When she saw the truck, she came to say a very weak welcome to him. And she was questioning the man over certain things I didn't even bother to listen to.

I believe what mama upstairs told me. Your Brother is acting under some influence.

Whoever likes can insult me among the ladies here. But I believe the menfolks will understand and watch.

My Brother's Wife Sends Him On Errands. Is This Normal Or Right?

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