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OP, you can't just use your idea of what is ideal to judge other people's happiness. You don't know the couple's love language. You don't know what tickles the woman's fancy or turns the man on. You don't know the specific situation that led to the man being the person to go down that particular street to that typical shop at that exact time. All you saw was that your brother was sent on an errand. Unfortunately for you, you can't just walk in there and tell them how they should be married. It's not your marriage; if you're unhappy with what you see, leave their house for them. Kick her out when you get married, and your wife asks you to help with such things. Your brother did not complain to you.

You are upset that he went out to check something for his wife. The fact that this wife might be the one doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., all became irrelevant because the man went out to see if a shop is open. You're probably living in the past, but let your wife bear the consequences. Don't use your toxic masculinity to spoil another man's home.

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As much as I wanted to agree with you, her attitude is inexcusable.. she was wrong.. her husband can do chores around the house, but that kind of errand is just downgrading him to junk status in the presence of his siblings. I don't care about their financial situation..

She will not die if she does, honey. Can I speak with you privately kind of thing..I believe that OP did not just drop inside their household unannounced... She can permanently hide that she was wearing the more oversized trouser instead of doing it in front of his siblings..

As far as I am concerned, that errand was not an emergency... She can always do that herself since the husband is with his siblings, or she can wait for them to go.. Opening her mouth and even saying why the man must get up while he was with his siblings was just a no-no...I believe the husband would never send her for an errand if she were with her siblings.

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