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If I were you, I would talk. It doesn’t matter whether my brother is ok with it, but I will register my opinion instantly, and she must tell me why she had to do that. If it’s reasonable enough, I’ll let it slide… and I doubt if any of my brothers’ wives can do this in my presence. I’m not bragging.

I get a lousy mouth, and I don’t think any of them will try to tackle me, I rarely visit anyone, but if I see them once, I respect them too much ( dem fit Dey fake am, I no care ).

All these signs are always there, but your brother is blinded by love.

Most of these girls possess that character, na u no go gree,

I remember the day I went out with my girl to a supermarket, we had just started dating, we bought stuff, and I paid, pressed my phone, and she wanted to hand over one of the bags to me to hold. I told her to put it on my head. Everyone was laughing, and she felt embarrassed. I was praying she would bring up the matter again when we reached the house, wetin she Fõr hear that day. If you not fit carry am drop am for the ground! When no be something wey heavy.. even if it’s heavy, na me supposed to tell you to bring am no be you go tell me.. Rubbish!

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I wish I were female in this instance and your sister-in-law. Will you talk?

I will put strong pepper in your mouth, and you will explain what you are doing in my house, let alone ask me to explain myself to you. I am not married to you. I am married to your brother. Because I tolerated your presence in my house, you dared to ask me questions about my family affair.

Most of you need to have your heads examined. Really!

You don't understand the concept of boundaries and privacy. She owes you, nada! And your brother also owes you no explanation concerning his relationship with his wife.

It seems most people in that Nigeria are mad in one form or the other. You wake up, dust your seat pants, go to someone else's home and start questioning her on how she relates with her husband. Come and try it here and see where you will spend the night.

Men like you will subject a widow to all sorts of indignities on the death of her husband instead of having a fellow feeling for her and comforting her on the loss of her closest companion. Mtchew!

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