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I will try and explain to you.

In Jewish custom, there's a relationship that exists between the father and the first born son that relationship is called, "the firstborn son relationship" it only exists between the father and the first born son. Not the first born daughter, or anyone else.

Now, in that relationship, the custom says, whatever the father has belong to the first born son, if not all, at least 2/3 of the properties.

However, the Jewish custom also says that for the first born son to take over his inheritance, he must be the one to bury his father when he dies. Remember, the jew bury their dead in the same day.

The prodigal son never really loved his dad, the reason why he stayed back home was because of his inheritance, he was the first born son, so it was easier for the junior one to go because by virtual of birth, he had no inheritance.

Also, the reason why Esau did didn't go after Jacob immediately was because he was a firstborn son, and if he went after him, and his father (Isaac) dies, there's no way he would be home to bury his father same day so he can take over his inheritance. That's why Esau waited till Isaac died before he went after Jacob.

Now, I believe by now you understand the Jewish custom...

That guy Jesus told to let the dead bury their dead was a firstborn son. Remember, the only reason he gave Jesus was, "let me go home and bury my father, then I will follow you".

Literally, his father wasn't dead, but he was telling Jesus that I can't follow you until my father is dead. Because if he follows Jesus and his father died, there's no way he will get home the same day to bury his father so that he can take over his inheritance. So he was telling Jesus, oga wait first, let's pray my dad dies so quickly so I can take over my money, we need it for the gospel.

When Jesus said, "let the dead bury their dead", Jesus was telling him, let other children who are dead to the first born son relationship (who by birth doesn't own it,) let them take over it. In other words, FORGO YOUR INHERITANCE AND FOLLOW ME.

That's it.. If you want more clarification, I am here

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