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Change your friends and go ghost mode. You are the product of the five people you talk to the most. It is a good thing that you know you have a problem. Start challenging everything you think about. You have the internet. Use it—the time you use to do Facebook, use and watch youtube videos. Follow David Goggins, Andrew Tate, and Iman Gandzhi. Change the music you listen to and the movies you watch. 

See this movie list: 

Best Movies to Watch: 100 Must See Movies | The Art of Manliness

Go and watch the movie fight club to the end - it will change you, trust me. Here is a short clip from the film on the way to think about life :

Your problem of mingling with underage is not a problem. Younger people have more ideas about certain things than older people. A guy of 17 years might know about monetizing twitch streaming. Your real problem is the need for more money and a clear pathway on how to get the money. If you finish school, how do you think you will make money with unemployment rampant all over the country? If you can lock in on how to make money and be in great physical shape and focus on that till you have an effective plan to work with, all this your issues will disappear. Being in a fantastic physical body also boosts your ability to think. 

Exercise can boost your memory and thinking skills - Harvard Health

Go to the gym or pick up bodyweight training at home. You can start with the program convict conditioning - it is a pdf you can get for free from libgen. If you cannot learn to be happy alone, you will never be satisfied.

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Definitely the most hardest Burna verse to learn but guess what I can sing this word for word 😏

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TGIF LPM family  This Amazing 4 bedroom shortlet , located  in Lekki  is available for shortlet   features :  ° Fully furnished  ° ...

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Abi what type of work is this now.

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