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Let me say this. I voted peter Obi during the presidential Elections, and I am a Yoruba. I had to trek over 1hr to my unit to vote. I made the sacrifice because I wanted a change and good governance due to his past records.

But it's very sad to me and RUDE when I watched some Igbos came online and say to Hell with Yorubas that they were the one that voted OBI and also Lagos is no man's land. That's what turned me OFF immediately.

To be sincere no Yoruba or any other tribe can say such in the THE EAST, I have lived there before. We have to respect each other. I saw how Igbos were chased today from pulling units and injured which I was really sad about, no one supposed to face such intimidation, But no man will be happy for someone to say HIS HOME IS NO MANS LAND, this is why we should respect other people's territory and never tried claiming it. May God just help resolve all this issues in Nigeria. Nigeria will be great again and God bless Nigeria.

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The problem is that History has been removed from school. Ibos have been trying to take over Lagos or even the whole of Western Region (Yoruba and other minorities) since days of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Obi is a disaster in waiting. He rode on the emotions of the youth. Don't let anybody deceive you about Ibos and Yoruba. The rivalry is real. Ibos want Lagos so bad.

They disrespect Yoruba at every opportunity. That is the price that Yoruba is paying for being too accommodating. Don't worry, a lot is going to change in Tinubu's government. Tinubu is a revolutionary. Nigeria is going to witness peace and sustained development under Tinubu.

don't be offended...LP is not an Igbo party but sincere youths and elderly of this country...U are part of the sincere youths❤️

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