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I don't see the point. Tribalism wasn't as disturbing as we see it play out now. Under the military, Lagos had an Igbo governor. I believe some southeast states had Yoruba/Hausas.

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Obi rode on the back of Religion, Endsars, and ethnicity. It was hazardous, many politicians stylishly used it, but OBI used it as a central policy, thank God he didn’t win.

He exploited these three very well, but I hope those that think it favors them will be able to take it when another candidate of Muslim extracts uses the same method from the North.

Because no Christian from the North will be able to stand the fanaticism they will introduce. I assure you that the Igbos will leave the North quickly.

It is wrong for a pastor to come to the pulpit to campaign for OBI and threaten fire and brimstone when he loses. Others are watching, and I am sure they will employ the same methods someday.

The aftermath of the ripples and effects is what you see playing out in Lagos state.


Back then, tribalism was a bad problem. A bad problem.

The same issues we had back then, we have now. The same thing happened about the army appointing people from one region into offices... back in the day, the IBB admin was accused of Islamizing Nigeria and succumbing to the Northern oligarchy. Sound familiar?

Army rule is not the joy you think it is. Just because your side lost does not mean you should call for it (and no, I am no APC supporter, or LP or PDP supporter, and have never backed a mainstream candidate)

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