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Baba you need to quit the relationship too. There is nothing else remaining except you want to keep beating around the bush. Might be difficult but no choice.

If you believe the child is yours then you can finalise agreements with her and her mum on upkeep and future (schooling etc) for the child. Afterwards stop giving her money or communicating with her and move on. Explain the situations to your own people so that they can rally round you and you can find strength in their encouragement.

If you have any valuable property with her, you can discuss also the repossession of what you feel is rightfully yours. I dont think there is any point of applying force or police to retrieve items especially if they aren't very much valuable. Otherwise I'll leave the discretion to you on what to do.

You may have wasted these years investing emotionally and financially but you are still young and can still pick yourself up. Look towards the future baba. Better times ahead and better luck in your next relationship.

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