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The man mentioned the minimum and maximum number of gallons he produces daily. Let's go with a minimum = of 10 gallons during the dry season. (20 - 25 during the rainy season). Each gallon sells at 7K.

A day during dry season = 70k. A week during dry season = 490K.

Even if someone can consistently earn 50K per day for five years, what is 25m? That is the mathematics you wanted to see.

I am not from South East, but South-South. I grew up in a typical village with many palm wine tappers. In my community/state, palm wine is less expensive than in Igboland because we tap raffia palm trees, not palm oil trees. Yet more than 60% of the palm wine tappers in my community built nice/big block houses and sent their kids to good secondary schools in the 80s/90s. 2 of them, their kids were among the 1st set of university graduates from my village.

In Nigeria today, it is possible to hide under any trade to commit a crime. That is why we see red flags everywhere whenever someone in a "lowly" business is seen with things we think are the exclusive rights of the high and mighty.

Hard work and consistency still pay!

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We're both educated people. Something inside you should be telling you that you can't even consistently get 10 gallons of palm tree sap from 56 palm trees every day.

Palm trees are not rivers. Each of those gallons looks like 5 liters to me. Fifty liters everyday day from 57 trees is a lie. Talk more than 130 liters every day.

Each tree usually produces less than 20 liters a month.

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