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Well said. You guys are either poorly paid or you were entry level, either case, I am not contesting this as I have limited facts. However years ago as an SBE (Senior Banking Executive) my pay would not justify me leaving the job and doing Uber. The only issues i would have complained about are (1) humongous targets and (2) time constraints leading to lack of rest and stress. Please note, I was a back office staff (Legal Support Services). All in, whatever works. I was only clearing the fact that the OP was a contract staff (and his write-up also confirmed it).

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Look this doesn't matter at all. Be it contract or full time. The point is working from the back end doesn't in a bank doesn't pose much to u. U aren't asked to work during the weekends, u are probably not even given any target. As a well knowledge person in the operations(thank God I moved on from the slavery) you practically never have time for anything and u think being paid a paltry 250k as an ET is enough? The man moved on from his banking job. This I admire seeing that if he makes a consistent 10k daily, that would land him minimum of 200k monthly assuming he doesn't want to be saving 100% his earnings. Alas! He would even make much more with a lot of effort and God's grace and still have ample reserved time for other things. We must encourage big moves like this! Now how many of the bank workers save that? (Remember am talking about savings). Most bankers don't even have up to 1/4 of their salary before the next payday.

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