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Dada, this is the foundation Nigeria was founded and built with thuggery, bloodshed, and military intimidation. OBY NJOKWESILI should know nothing about Nigeria's establishment and founding is transparent and civil.

So stop preaching about a better Nigeria and start championing the disintegration of the zoo because every year, month, week, and day people are dying and mysteriously disappearing for no reason.

Nigeria has outlived its usefulness and purpose: black race mediocrity and ignorance regarding slavery and colonization. Every waking moment I'm faced with the reality that we blacks and Africans are wicked, short-fused, weak-willed, and mentally weak. Our complex inferiority stinks to the high heavens. That's why we are afraid of fighting for freedom and liberation. We know the truth but don't want to façe the fact.

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Madam, you are a total hypocrite. When you were a minister under OBJ,una sef dey rig, you stole too, so stop making it look like you are a saint—the pot calling the kettle black.

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