Mumu SIMP! 

She’s a hoe. Think of it this way. You’re home, depressed and crying over her. She’s out there hoeing around. Enjoying with another guy.

Channel that energy you used in loving her to love yourself and chase the bag. Time will do it job. Try blocking her too. Man tf up. She’ll come begging someday. I don’t believe in mumu love anymore tho I hope I get back in track later because love is actually cool.

A hoe and a prostitute came back to you and you're even still willingly to accept her back.. The runz girl told you she's going to see another guy who's already banging her pussy, And you're here killing yourself.

U don't date some Nigeria girls oga.

Alaye, you can either swallow the Red Pill or continue simping. The choice is yours!

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