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Firstly To single ones out there,

Pls let’s embrace condom o or do pull out strategies. If you’re going to get married you need to be financially buoyant seriously .. and also make sure your wife works. This is 2022 let's be woked and support each other. Forget say man must be bread winners, not all men are wired to be bread winners. In fact to be man dey tire some men that's why them just jeje go be transgender women.

And to you

Honestly I feel like crying reading your story. I can imagine the kind of mental stress you and your wife and mom going through.

Honestly 100 naira condom would have saved you of this mess.. also never marry a woman out of pressure. That you impregnate a woman doesn’t mean u should marry her.. don’t mind people casting stones on you , anyone can find himself in a mess..

Solution is too set up a business for your mom,even if it’s selling little little things, that way you will be able to save off the 10k u give her monthly ..

Now let’s be real , I am not always in support of women or whatever they represent but taking care of three kids should be one of the hardest job on earth ..

We are talking only of one kid here, now imagine 3, Breast feeding and All round care for kids no be small thing my brother, your wife can only work from home , if she starts a teaching job, believe me she’ll be less productive..

It’s either u beg your mom to take care of the kids ( you need to be compensating your mom time to time for this ) while your wife work or you set up a business for your mom and u increase the home allowance..

Also try some side hustle to increase your income (I know you’re trying your best ).

Pls always use condom or do family planning before u have sex with your wife.

At this stage , divorcing her will affect the kids and if that happens, all your effort will be in vain. Apart from that you can’t take custody of the kids and if you are to be paying child support, your whole salary won’t be enough .. tbh you and your wife really fumbled !

So the wife is no longer breast feeding?

Omo she should find something doing To augment your income o. She can start small. Do not pressure her. Talk to her happily. Life no easy. But find happiness in everything you do..

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