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James 1:5 says that if any of you lacks wisdom, he/she should ask God, and God who gives liberally without restriction or hesitation would grant him wisdom.

That being said, ask God for help and wisdom to read your bible. Ask with your heart and you would get the solution you're looking for.

Also, my man of God, Pastor Father Mbaka has taught us over the years to train and discipline ourselves as Christians. The same way you would discipline yourself with food when you want to lose weight or discipline yourself to stop one bad habit or learn a new habit, apply the same tactics and discipline yourself to read your bible.

As at two years ago, to pray for more than 10 minutes was a chore for me, I would sleep off if prayer is more than 10 minutes, but when life challenges came, I knew no one else could help me except God, my dear, I trained myself to start praying o. I used my alarm to do it. My prayer time was 12am, I would set my alarm for 11:55pm to remind me, set another one for 12:15am Incase I slept off, set another one for 12:30am, Incase of incasity  . The constant ringing of the alarm showed me shege, but it helped train me. Today, I don't struggle to pray anymore, I look forward to my praying time. If I ever miss praying during my prayer time, I am always sad, and feel like I something is missing in my day.

It's all about discipline and training, my dear.

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