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See how corruption is fighting back. Just because they want to block vote buying and you people have stocked billion of naira in cash in your houses you are instigating the citizens against government so that you can spend the naira next week Saturday. I support buhari on this naira redesign.

Let CBN double up and make the new naira available more. Let them stop the old naira today. Is it APC that is the only party affected by the policy? How come they are the one fighting so much. All their candidates at all levels have been fighting hard, going to court and holding press conferences. BUHARI don't bow to their pressure.

Make sure this election is done void of buying people's conscience. Peter Obi will win by God's grace. Amen

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E tough

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The Youths Will Decide 2023 Nigerian Presidential Elections: Make Una Nor Dey Stand For Fence- Singer Paul Okoye Tells Comedian AY Makun.

I like what Rude boy said, all this back and front celebrities saying shytes. During Endsars all of them came out asking for a better Economy and police reform. Now the time has come to channel same energy and encourage the youth to vote competence, character and integrity which we all know is only PO who is better fit. Na so so story we dey hear. This celebrities are one of the problems we have in this country.

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The Youths Will Decide 2023 Nigerian Presidential Elections: Make Una Nor Dey Stand For Fence- Singer Paul Okoye Tells Comedian AY Makun.

Continue 🙄 Peter Obi has won already 💪 I pray for anyone supporting Peter Obi and Datti🙌 May this week Favour you and your household, you will never know sorrow IJN🙏

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@AJ, you should have been fighting Tyson Furry today after your embarrassing L's to Usyk with a chance of winning the WBC championship belt. Still, instead, you have turned into a motivational speaker. How could you have grown up in the UK with many opportunities and talked about criminal records? My brother, focus on your boxing and keep your so-called life history to your self period

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Well said, AJ but focus on your boxing. You still have to be the undisputed heavyweight champion one day.

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Change your friends and go ghost mode. You are the product of the five people you talk to the most. It is a good thing that you know you have a problem. Start challenging everything you think about. You have the internet. Use it—the time you use to do Facebook, use and watch youtube videos. Follow David Goggins, Andrew Tate, and Iman Gandzhi. Change the music you listen to and the movies you watch. 

See this movie list: 

Best Movies to Watch: 100 Must See Movies | The Art of Manliness

Go and watch the movie fight club to the end - it will change you, trust me. Here is a short clip from the film on the way to think about life :

Your problem of mingling with underage is not a problem. Younger people have more ideas about certain things than older people. A guy of 17 years might know about monetizing twitch streaming. Your real problem is the need for more money and a clear pathway on how to get the money. If you finish school, how do you think you will make money with unemployment rampant all over the country? If you can lock in on how to make money and be in great physical shape and focus on that till you have an effective plan to work with, all this your issues will disappear. Being in a fantastic physical body also boosts your ability to think. 

Exercise can boost your memory and thinking skills - Harvard Health

Go to the gym or pick up bodyweight training at home. You can start with the program convict conditioning - it is a pdf you can get for free from libgen. If you cannot learn to be happy alone, you will never be satisfied.


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I want to move out like my siblings did, just that I don't have the means yet. My mum is the reason. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder if other mums are like her. She won't encourage you; she would go out and tell those who want to assist us wrong and false things, so these people will capitalize on her stories and see us negatively. When we don't succeed at any point, she will act concerned at the moment but can't wait to laugh and make fun of our failure. She makes more money, so she buys food and supplies for herself. If we must eat, it will have to be on her terms.

She keeps disgracing me in the whole house(her father's building) on how my mates are building homes for their parents, married, or have very high-paying jobs. When I'm ill, she doesn't care. She will list medicines I could take, and even if she has any, she won't share, so forget about her getting you any with her money, except, of course, you are one of my siblings who happens to be her favorite. This is a woman I love and make heavy sacrifices for. Should I talk about how she constantly rains curses? Don't think I'm a terrible child to deserve this treatment from her.

On the contrary, I'm a daughter many mums appreciate outside. They tell me how lucky my mum is to have me. I am not wayward; I'm very hard-working and God-fearing. I learned a lot by myself as my mum, even in her 60s, does not know how to cook and do house chores, but we put up with her and assisted her. Your mates are this and that, and I keep telling her if only you knew what my mates indulge in; one day, I showed her the nude pictures and videos on the Internet of some of my supposed mates she mentioned, and what they do yet she does not appreciate me. People dislike you if they come to find out she is my mum. The reasons I would want to move out are endless. Meanwhile, I am writing on a very light note and need to give exact details.

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I stayed in my father's house for one month before my marriage, not because I couldn't afford a place of my own but because it was just a waste of money. My babe (now wife) used to visit me there, and everything was normal. Just stick to what works with your philosophy.


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Unfortunately, men will not ask themselves the same questions!!!

Always creating standards for women that they can not even meet up with!!!

Hello, Young and Ambitious women out there, Don't let them pressure you with marriage.

There are ways and options now for all of you to have a home. This is 2022, and the dependent on men are vanishing. Ask Linda ikeji - She could not even get a man and is happy.

So what happens when you marry out of pressure and then get divorced? Same men will come at you with other trashy talks." 


5 months ago

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Ritual dey different from internet fraudster.. anybody wey don they kill, dey do yeye sacrifice don comot fraudster.. na ritualist. Erudite skullers should please stick to ritual and leave Yahoo alone. biko


5 months ago

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Ibadan Youths Stage Protest Against EFCC

Thieves and scammers are protesting oloriburuku, even though they are scamming Nigeria too, not only westerners they are scamming. I supported EFCC for their effort to eradicate yahoo boys in the country, I am a youth too and my work is legit. Make them stop scamming people.

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