The Yoruba people are a West African ethnic group that mainly inhabit parts of Nigeria, Benin and Togo.

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Bola Tinubu's Homage To The Ọọni! And Flowers From A Beautiful Yoruba Princess.
Bola Tinubu's Homage To The Ọọni! And Flowers From A Beautiful Yoruba Princess.
Bola Tinubu's Homage To The Ọọni! And Flowers From A Beautiful Yoruba Princess.
Bola Tinubu's Homage To The Ọọni! And Flowers From A Beautiful Yoruba Princess.

See Asoebi full everywhere. Collect your national cake oo jare I've said it here that tifnubu's defeat will start from iragbiji

Vote Obi2023

Bola Tinubu's Homage To The Ọọni! And Flowers From A Beautiful Yoruba Princess.

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Even with all the people wey them carry go from Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states. OBI is Coming

Ontop all the wailing, them still get the strength to stand for the sun to listen to one older adult talk nonsense...?

The naira and fuel scarcity no affect them!

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Our chief executive father called us lazy youths, so we decided to prove to daddy that we were better than he thought we were. Buhari also called us Lazy during the days of Fela, and Fela questioned the government with his music(beast of no nation) about how a government can call it's people lazy. Animal wey dey wear agbada

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Fela was a prophet from from another timeline and not like these fake MOG that we have nowadays. He saw it all and he said it all. Now it is happening

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This topic is interesting, so for your average Hausa-Fulani, do the state and its associations work well enough that they can hope in Nigeria and invest and develop?

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To a considerable extent, I'd say.

If he decides to start farming, I'm very confident for a few States like Benue, Kaduna, and Taraba. There are barely herders destroying their crops. They mostly get loans, equipment, plant products, and lesser expenses, unlike the Yoruba and Igbo.

If he decides to work in the Civil Service and has relatives already in the government, and because they practice a higher level of nepotism, their chances are high by 70% or more if he is a core Northerner with deep roots in the region.


15 days ago

Ahh, this explains the publicity in the social media about rising unbelief in Nigeria and a desire for Yoruba and Igbo to form their nations. How likely do you think this is?

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Apart from all the points stated, the typical Hausa or Fulani folk not from a juicy income frame generally have shallow endeavors compared to similar people in other parts of the country, so they would hardly ever put in the work it takes to hustle for Japa.

Their outlook on life and many things is 100% opposed to ours.

This is also why we say that the overwhelming prevalence of the population in the North is deadweight to the country, save for the little vegetables they farm. But some would say it is anti-north rhetoric. I don't know


16 days ago

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Anyway that falls for this trap..heheheh I just dey laugh you, your wife dey collect too from outside. Any woman that is comfortable with her partner cheating is also cheating and doesn't love her partner. Awon she give me freedom and peace of mind. Baba she dey do her own back.

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16 days ago

you are this matured and you say this? All you women who have grown proud and boastful to equate yourselves now above your "Heads" the creator will put you all down and your daughter's you have missguided yo walk opposite to our culture. You want to live like the Defendants of Misraim (Egypt) and the Western world, you glorify the rebelliousness of the Woman against her man and Ancestors, you want your "Heads" to kneel before you and serve your rather than you do so. You think you know better than your Ancestors😂 the days that are coming for you are very dark. You have substituted the softness and obedience of a virtuous woman, for the pride and the ungodly strange woman. You do not even know who you are, and do not understand the secret laws of reincarnation. Continue and see what's coming in your homes.


16 days ago

uncle what is the purpose of this your long yarn. I should glorify men cheating so that I can walk in the way of my ancestors? I said what I said. Let me reiterate incase you didn't get it. A woman that loves her man, can never tolerate him cheating. If she does she is either also cheating and doesn't love him.

I said what I said, I am not going back. If you like believe what you like and say she dey give you peace of mind to misbehave. I will never condone cheating from any gender. So, please don't come and tell me how my neck is ontop my head. Matter of fact I should do better than my ancestors. If they glorified cheating, I will not do so. T FOR THANKS

No woman is comfortable if her man is cheating even if she’s cheating same way no man will like cheating even if he’s cheating stop generalizing it for every women if you can cope move to the next till u marry reach 20 we go sha dey count am for u 👏

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Win or lose, and you'll never see or hear Igbos 'wail' like your lot. Country better na for you and me. E spoil na still you and you. Igbos adapt to any and every circumstance. Politics of hate, I'm not in support of that. But we are proud Ndi Igbo will continue to adapt to whatsoever this country metamorphosizes into. Who knows, more will flood Lagos make billions, and push it to SE to build their luxurious country homes and mansions. And before you shout 'Tinubus Lagos or your so-called vote for Sowore, ' think about your family's future. You have to vote right for their future. We need a working Nigeria. We need new ideas, and what makes you think Igbo cannot lead and implement their industrious ideas to make Nigeria work?

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The OP is a Tinubu urchin. Why did he post this long essay anonymously. Until we move away from politics of tribalism and religion, Nigeria may never work. In fact we need to stop teaching about tribes, ethnicity and religion in schools. We can see how obviously it is affecting our ability to elect a good leader to lead us.

Fact. But to stop teaching tribe is funny. I agree to the religion part. Religion should be personal and not taught in school. I think we are still going through a nation building process and voting and electing Peter OBI will take as to the right direction. We need to diversify our ideas and approach on leaders.


one month ago

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Yoruba nation agitator is a different body from the Oduduwa peoples congress(OPC) get your facts right and stop misleading the people with your publications.

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It means your men didnot handle the situation wisely, for it to have escalated to that extent. I heard the protest started peacefully before your men want to forcefully scatter it, it seems you people are not well trained about how to handle some situation. If na unknown gunmen, nobody go see una oo.

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It’s how they totally forgot that they’re in the “presence of God” to engage in this embarrassing moment. Shebi the Bible said if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him with the other… Why fight when you can “leave it God”? 😆

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yes, they are in the presence of a white looking leprosy man with blues eyes from Isreal... Can't you see his frame there 😂

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Please can you tell me what Atewogboye means

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