Whatever your life work is, do it well. A man or woman should do their job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.

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Thanks for sharing this.

I lived alone for over seven years before my family joined me. I never let my phone be away, even while in the shower. My partner still fights me and whines about that today.

My emergency contact information is on my phone lock screen and in the same holder as my driving license. I also have printed copies in my car.

This country is so isolated that no one will miss you if you are not seen, mainly if you are the kind that keeps to yourself.

Be safe out there, people.

I wish that person a quick recovery.

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Try to reach the Nigerian embassy because it is also their responsibility! Drain all your options. Are you guys on Twitter? Go on Twitter and tweet about it.

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You mean to say generally, most tech companies are over bloated, not that they can be run with only ten employees.

There are a few explanations for why companies like Google and Microsoft end up with 100k employees.

1. Keeping the lights on: A few workers can write the lines of code for the MVP product (for example, the very first version of Uber was written in a few days and used by Travis and his friends). Now, as a business scales, you need to add more layers to handle things that come up. Bug fixes, Infrastructure maintenance, and Customer support, a few employees can only do some of this. Each of these tech companies can receive thousands of support requests daily. Also, as the software or app gets used on a variety of platforms (think mobile, desktop, each with a different OS), the product needs to constantly adapt to the necessities of these platforms for optimum performance. You need professionals who understand these platforms and can bring out the most useful in your app on them.

2) Innovation: it’s not enough to build a product. At some point, you need to think ahead. Otherwise, your opponents will do so and best you (I.e., Apple, and blackberry). Innovation falls in two brackets - ongoing product improvements based on customer feedback, product discovery, and next Gen invention, where you come up with something out of the ordinary like ChatGPT. If you don’t have employees worrying about new ideas, your business will die very soon.

3) Business operations: every business needs people who will run it. These aren’t engineers but think of roles like HR, Legal, Risk and Compliance, and people managers who ensure you don’t run foul of ever-changing regulations in countries around the world. Companies like Google and Meta keep getting fined millions of USD by the EU and other regulators worldwide for one or the other. Now imagine they had no one focused on these areas. They would probably have been shut down or fined more heavily, as ignorance isn’t a reason to violate a law or legal requirement.

4) Sales: this one is straightforward. It would help if you had a marketing and sales org to get the $$$ coming in. Especially in a B2B setting.

5) Competitive edge: Companies have to keep hiring to keep the best professionals away from the competition. This is something they have to do to lock in talent. this is where you have a point as it can lead to an excessive workforce, but some would argue that it is a business necessity as if you don’t have the best talents working for you, you might as well not have a business.

There are a couple more justifications, but I’ll stop here. I hope you get the gist.

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You need 1, 2, 3, and 5 can be merged if the person is lazy folk to use a template. Six must be specific, depending on the specifics of the program.

Are you into SoftDev?

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Template? A multimillion-dollar firm should use a template. People who left a whole Bootstrap framework because it makes a website look 'bootstrap.'

These companies are mining and selling data. Their data experts must be top-notch. They also need complex algorithms to rank content in users' timeline based. And they're constantly improving their algorithms and building anti-spams because spammers are evolving.

Most importantly, these companies are different from ours. They measure their uptime in "point nine nine"s.

Do you know what that means? AWS, for example, has at least a 99.99% guarantee. The weakest of those companies might be a 99.9% guarantee.

Even with all these hires, people suffer burnout.

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I give it to you, and your grammatical constructions are top-notch. Another idea of yours that I admire is “letting people talk and express their thoughts,” especially when you have already discovered they are pointless.

Those girls think less of the employees in the hospitality industry without knowing that the owners of those companies are not also into oil and gas, finance, or mining. Is there much difference between a prison Warder and an inmate? Only the uniforms are different; the former is thinking about avoiding jailbreaks, while the other meditates on gaining freedom by all means. Prison walls surround both thoughts.

Please let me read more from you by sending me an e-mail contact.

Thanks again. You are one of those that know that one’s professionalism shouldn’t be a reason for insult. In as much you do something, you are employed. We can’t all be the same.


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You, people, do not know that Olosho isn’t a high-paying job. It doesn’t work that way. Nah, audio money dem dey call everywhere.

They’re now very much in numbers. Supply don pass demands. Go to a club, and you can see 50 hookup girls. After the party, e fit be say nah only 10-15 see parol. The rest would try again.

Most of those girls are tired because it’s overrated, but the fear of whether they will ever find a guy to accept them for who they are anymore is one major thing that can’t make them stop.

Very extremely few girls are usually lucky to make it out of prostitution.

Don’t you see that most times, they don’t usually have transport money? For Lagos, you’ll see 7-8 girls staying in a room. Lol.. dem no get level jare nah why they always have to dress almost naked.


15 days ago

Dating & RelationshpLast activity 15 days ago

A Mortician. You cannot even be my friend and talk more about dating. I don't like anything relating to the dead Ahhh!!! Jesu!!!

I ended a relationship discretely with a lady nurse back then, from just a statement she made; "a patient of mine just cracked today, so sad I was the one assigned to park her up," and we were in the car outside her house in the night, I almost fainted.

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A crypto community Admin in either Discord or Telegram will get less than $2k monthly. A content developer (article) for any of the top crypto content sites will get less than $2k monthly.

An infographics/Twitter manager for any crypto projects will get less than $2k monthly. Let's not talk about intelligent contract developers or websites dev.

Last last, web3 is the goldmine. I'm making this comment on either Steemit, blurt, or Hive. I might get up to $5.

And all you need is just a power supply and data connection. 

The wrong side: You will become socially deficient. You will gain more weight than you ever imagined. Boredom will be your surname. You will realize Nigeria looks like a cursed place, and those supporting politicians are foolish.

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Honestly, this is what I'm going through right now. I earn in dollars. Make all the money and live very comfortably.

But these exact words are what my life represents now.

Sometimes, I visit a joint, not even to drink, as I don't do alcohol, but just to watch what happens.

Chai! This life Life ehn

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From experience, I will advise you to play office politics But watch out to be sure you're on the right team. Any team with the HR, your HOD, and the manager is the best to join. Have you wondered why some people are getting promotion upon promotion, and others are stuck at a point even though they are working? That's where the politics come to play. Do not get involved if it has occultic tendencies.

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It's not a fumble. You listed the traits I developed in my former workplace before being promoted. The funniest thing is that these traits are already in-built; I don't need to fake them. They came naturally.

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