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It's so phenomenal how almost all the men there love this, but the hate is mostly from the ladies in here. Tells a lot on how hard the shots she fired hit. If she feels good enough to tell the world about her experience and also preached the gospel in between, that is just so splendid. The gender difference in reaction should tell many here want men truly prefer. Abeg let her enjoy her shine, she's freaking beautiful.


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The same clothes Instagram celebrity vendors will post for a ridiculous amount to gullible people like you will run to buy from dem to create yeye friendships. Another vendor will post d same cloth for a lesser amount with d same quality, u people will instead purchase from dose celebrities. and when u av issues with your order dey will still blast you on top of your money, talk tp you people anyhow or ignore your complaints,dey will still delay ur order as per popularity based on say dem, too get customers. Hence, wetin u dsy buy bt wen u buy from an unpopular vendor, u will raise ur voice, call out d vendor, and tarnish d business over an unnecessary issue....I realized this wen I started to buy from one lady on ig flora collections.no MBA d lady is too good abeg

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Vendors can spell this out without spelling this out. Once the outfit or what you have is less expensive, know that it is a replica of the expensive one. However, the cost of the outfit only makes it more original and sophisticated sometimes.


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Women Need To Start Talking To Other Ladies. The Urge To Go Naked Is Becoming Like Madness- Fashion Designer Yomi Causal.

Look at his stupid face. There is nothing new under the sun. This is simple psychology, and anybody with a Ph.D. in the field can tell you that this dude is just sexually frustrated. The food he is eating nor dey sweet again, so his eye cannot help noticing breasts and yansh everywhere. 

Some men have not even looked inside the mirror to see their faces from being too busy for trivialities, but one dey notice yansh. Na, so Gideon Okeke do, always coming out to talk about how naked women are evil until he crashed his marriage because of fuck fuck of the same naked women that his eyes cannot stop lusting after. 

Mr. Man, Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. You are only vomiting the naked breast and yansh that you are always dreaming of fucking because you are filled to the brim to bursting with it. It has to come out somehow, or else you will implode. But you cannot do like Oritsefemi wey dey fuck everything that moves with reckless abandon. You envy his "freedom" and are angry with him simultaneously, so you are like a stretched rubber band inside. Tense from blaming the naked woman for your lust while wanting to fuck them yet wanting to seem moral. 

So you speak of your thoughts in an inverted manner, making you look like a pillar of morality like that teen pastor always harping on virginity and doing virginity church. His church was just a place for grooming virgins for his disvirginment. Or even like the Pharisees that wanted to stone the woman for adultery—always pointing out and accusing others of the same sins they are committing in secret but never pointing them to the Solution. 

For that adulteress to trust somebody enough to be deceived in a place where the penalty for such is was death, that person she was caught with was def her loyal customer, one of the Pharisees of whom many were her clients. No wonder he was absent at the accusation abi na one person dey commit adultery? But all of you be there spewing the ashawo that religiously is in your hearts while hiding the lust that is genuinely in your heart under the canopy of morality—awon accuser of the brethren orishirishi. We know you. Better ask your wife for permission to go and free your waist inside one of that naked yansh you lust after before you all implode.

--From person wey sabi Yomi

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Women Need To Start Talking To Other Ladies. The Urge To Go Naked Is Becoming Like Madness- Fashion Designer Yomi Causal.

Nigerian females are hoes. That is why we reject them and follow pastor Mrs. Adeboye and Mrs. Okonja Iweala. The women of this social media generation and feminists and woke and independent women that fuck all the married rich men in Nigeria but refuse to be submissive to their husbands. That is the woman that we reject. You get!


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All of una dey craze. See u see hubris. Back Doc nonsense .dey there dey arrogate ur unbearable hubris . Dey their dey criticize the docs for having no clue about una nonsense black females beauty standards. Blacks go dey apply stupid standards to themselves. Instead of advising your fellow blacks not to use such on their bodies u, dey bash docs .na only black women fit glue wig to their skin. Una go soon blame black men as usual .

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Her reluctance to do a 360 degree for the photographers shows she's also aware that she's an idiot. How's this even ok in a continent that prays hard, fasts, calls God's name every two seconds, and prides itself as the bastion of godliness? The African landscape from Cape to Cairo is littered with places of worship constantly bleating on about morality, decency, humanity, and the common good. We may be rubbish at governing ourselves and individually selfish. However, we should be proud of still holding the baton for fashion decency and training kids better than the Oyinbo.

The latter have turned parent, human rights, and individual freedom into one big duffel joke. Walking around naked just because the western cultures encourage it shouldn't be copied by our women. Any woman who dresses like this in Africa and Asia is immediately tagged irresponsible, passionate, and ashawo for avoiding reasons. This isn't about doing whatever you like with your body. It's the madness of indeterminate proportion. If I were this girl's father, I'd be ashamed of her. If she were my sibling, I'd avoid her like the plague. She's a dunce without proper upbringing, and those who think this is ok would need their heads examined and frogmarched to the nearest psychiatric clinic.

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Go meet a bra seller and try different sizes out

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