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14 days ago

because some would want to turn the apartment to Mini brothel where Guys secretly come to negotiate for Kpekus!

While some will not pay the Rent when its due .

They might even want to use towtow to pay. So some Landlords avoid such hassles from ur Wahala gender and dont give dem apartment!

Our mumu don too much. I think it’s the market. Once women are empowered with a buying power, then the narrative will change.

Why Do Landlords Refuse To Rent Rooms To Single Women In Nigeria?

Is it about gender or people's perceptions? I remember one told me on the phone that he wanted only married people in his house. Another said (again on the phone) that he prefers a 9-5 tenant.

Omo my eyes don see for this land sha but las las, I got the key to the said apartments. Their perception changed when we met physically.

You really can't blame some of these landlords. We don't have any citizen or tenancy records or database in Nigeria. Since landlords cannot verify your claims, some of them simply work with opinions, which are mainly subjective and personal.


14 days ago

1) Too many male visitors.

2) Refusal and delay in paying recurring bills like electricity, waste disposal…etc

3) Too many squatters. Rent to one and rent to all.

4) I-dont-care attitude to the property or whatever is going on. They just face their flat alone. Men would be worried if the borehole stops working. Men would check if the gate is locked at night in the absence of a gateman. Most women don’t give 2fck so far as their own room remains.

I know because I have lived among them and I know how hard it was getting the majority to cooperate. We were just 3 that were NORMAL. The rest spent a lot on wigs and air conditioner, but would struggle to pay monthly bills.

The simple solution is to cut your coat according to your size. It is foolhardy to allow your man to introduce you to a life you can’t sustain on your own. Rather than collect a terrace duplex, ask for a business startup. Anything can happen in one year and you are left stranded.

I have seen a guy buy his babe a car and he didn’t collect it after the breakup. He said she would sell it in less than a year and of course she did. Where she see money to fuel V8?

However, if you have a real and verifiable job/source of income, no SANE AND ENLIGHTENED house owner would refuse to rent to you. Way back I went to see the lawyer straight from work. I was ready to give her everything. ID card, employment letter and pay-slip. I gave her my boss’s number and she never called him sef. She just said “I like you”. When I had issues, I relayed my grievance in the most professional manner and she responded in record time, but my neighbours said she was fond of ignoring their messages. 

Nigerian men never cease to show their foolishness.

So single guys don't turn their houses to brothels where they bring Aunty Nkechi today and Aunty Vivian tomorrow, or lepa today and orobo tomorrow?

They don't let their friends bring prostitutes to come knack in their house or turn their house and smoke and drink away their future right?

Mumu gender.

It's the same for single men too. 

The landlords believe that being married means the person is responsible and matured. 

They just assume that the single ladies are loose and wayward. They bring in male friends, party alot, stay out late, quarrel and are unable to pay their bills. 

And if there are married couples in the compound they are seen as potential husband snatchers too. Too much negativity for my gender and generation

The foremost reason why landlords avoid renting to single women is that they suspect them of being prostitutes. A single woman who wants to get a house might have to be accompanied with a man or experience difficulties finding an apartment to rent.

Most ladies get apartments and sublet it to other women making them pay upto 10k a week, so these gals scout for men in order to meet their target. Before you know what you have like 14 girls leaving in an apartment making the initial person that got the apartment make 130,000 weekly.

It is rampant in Lekki, as we speak Lekki Phase 1. So I wouldn't blame any landlord for questioning females and giving them crazy conditions like bringing their fiancé. My former apartment a lady set the house on fire and ran away, just because her boyfriend cheated on her and she wanted to burn the furniture her boyfriend bought for her so that'll get him mad I guess. The dumbest act ever.

If you are an agent you will know why. It isn't misogyny. At first I thought so, I questioned them and they gave me their reply. Most single ladies are into runs or have sponsors, which infact is not very stable.

Most of them rent are paid by sugar daddies or boyfriends, the first payment is always smooth. No matter how expensive it is, they will pay.

The problem is maintenance, electric bills, security bills e.t.c. that's where the problem comes. They always drag, and give promises that they are expecting funds, and it never comes.

Time for renewal of rent, they might no longer be with their sponsor, and it is very hard to push people out of your house, especially ladies. Men are easier to kick out than ladies.

Note: This keep repeating itself over and over again like a deja Vu to agents, it's very predictable.

They only rent house to ladies that have real jobs like bankers, or engineers not those that sells wig or do online business or can't even explain what they do for a living. It's because of the epidemic of runs girl with sugar daddy. You can tell us that majority of girls this days are not into rruns


14 days ago

Rent house to a lady and the next day you see another set of ladies.

As a landlord you be wondering how come maybe they are her relatives.

before you see them go dey hang pants for outside. before you look, condom go dey full waste bin.

untill you realise say them don dey call your compound arshawol quarter!... warehouse...

then your mind go dey

Landlords are biased against single women in Lagos's notoriously crowded rental market. But there are ingenious ways to get around the problem.

Lagos’s property market is notoriously crowded, but it’s also patriarchal; in general landlords do not like renting to single women. So Udoh, a 36-year-old accounts manager at a consulting firm, had to use what’s known as a ‘covering’ – a man who pretends to be in a long-term relationship with a prospective tenant, deals with the landlord and makes the initial payments, then fades gradually away when everything is going smoothly.  

The megacity where single women lie to rent flats - BBC Worklife

Tenants are not scarce in the area.

Suppliers are selective (do shakara) when demand is higher than the quantity available.

But when supply is higher than demand, suppliers accept every willing customer.

Why Do Landlords Refuse To Rent Rooms To Single Women In Nigeria?

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